Tips on Sports Massage – Pre-Event Massage

With OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2010 coming up, engaging sports massage (pre-event massage) could greatly aid in your training process.

The aim of pre-event massage is to:
– Help the body to respond well to the demands brought about by increased activity
– Facilitate maximum performance

When muscles are working, an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients are required as muscular activity requires a great deal of energy. It is essential that warm-up and stretching exercises are performed prior to any form of exercise as the body systems are slowly brought up to a peak level and therefore maximum performance can be obtained. Massage will help to obtain these effects, but under no account must it be used as a substitute for exercise. Massage improves the flexibility and extensibility of muscles, increases blood and nutrient supply to the muscles and help to maintain and increase joint mobility.

Sources from Adele O’Keefe – The Official Guide to Body Massage

OSIM uSqueez Warm

Using Warm Therapy, uSqueez Warm increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to keep your legs flexible and energised during your triathlon training. With Squeezing and Kneading functions, it is able to stimulate vital acupressure points for enhanced well-being.

OSIM uRobic

This innovative exerciser is designed to enhance your cardiovasular fitness by strengthening your heart and lungs. It also trains core muscles to enable a more flexible body which reduces the risk of injuries.

OSIM uKimono

Combining OSIM’s signature Twin Power Osimotion and Double Kneading in the patent-pending Duo+ Techonology, uKimono is able to tone and tighten muscles in 3 different areas: tummy, butt and thighs!

Kindly visit for more details on uSqueez Warm, uRobic and uKimono!


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