March Birthday Event (Part 1)

(OSIM Exclusive)

It’s been our pleasure earlier this month to invite our exclusive customers to our March Birthday Celebration event. This birthday celebration event was specially held to thank our exclusive customers for their long-time support, and also most importantly to celebrate their birthdays with us!

Together, each of them brought a friend along for this celebration. Just for this birthday event, we have specially invited Feng Shui Master Khor to give each of our guests an insight on palmistry and how what colours would invite beneficial energies into their lives. This Feng Shui session with Master Khor was an instant hit and soon, our guests were warmed up and were actively participating and discussing about Feng Shui and palmistry.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful photos of the event which was held over at Chair Inspirations @ ION Orchard Level 4:

The uSoffa Petits were specially brought in for our guests to relax on

Getting ready all the colourful uSoffa Petits!

Feng Shui Master Khor getting ready for the palmistry talk

With the arrival of our guests, Master Khor starts introducing astro-palmistry & Feng Shui

Master Khor demonstrating the different insights of palmistry to one of our guests

While seated comfortably on our uSoffa Petits, our guests enjoyed lower body massage while listening to Master Khor

Master Khor defining the interesting different lines on our palms and the meaning of each

Our guests having their personalised palm reading by Master Khor

Our guests were treated with delicious refreshments and specially prepared birthday cupcakes!

Some of our guests tried out our other massage chairs of uDream, uYogga and uDesire

Group photo of our March Birthday customers!

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for all!


At the end of the event, I took this opportunity to interview some of the birthday guests to ask them some questions. Let’s see what they think about this event!

Birthday guest: Shu Fen

How do you feel about this uSoffa Petit Birthday Event?

Shu Fen: I find this birthday event interesting. I’ve enjoyed myself!

Is the Feng Shui talk a good experience and relevant to you?

Shu Fen: Yes, I do find this Feng Shui talk by Master Khor very helpful and familiar

Do you know about uSoffa Petit before this event?

Shu Fen: I know that Lin Chi Ling is the spokesperson for this uSoffa Petit. Yes, I do know. I understand that uSoffa Petit is good for chit-chatting and having coffee while relaxing on it, just like Lin Chi Ling in the ad!

Do you find the uSoffa Petit comfortable?

Shu Fen: Yeah, the massage for the lower body is very comfortable!

In future would you be interested to attend OSIM events like this again?

Shu Fen: Yes sure, I will come again!

Birthday guest: Linda

What do you think about this uSoffa Petit Birthday Event so far? Are you enjoying yourself?

Linda: I find it very interesting and I do learn something new today. Palmistry is something new to me and I’ve not known anything about palmistry before this event!

You are currently sitting on a uSoffa Petit, what do you think about this massage sofa?

I think it gives you a good massage especially for my legs. Our legs are important because we walk everyday. This massage makes me feel good on my calves, ankles and feet. And I do like it because uSoffa Petit is small and not a huge sofa.

There are so many colours of uSoffa Petit! Which colours do you like best?

I love the uSoffa Petit in Red and Purple!

In future would you be interested to attend OSIM events like this again?

Overall I find this birthday event interesting and helpful! Oh yes I would love to come again, I would love to bring a friend too!


To find out more on this Birthday Celebration event and how Feng Shui helps you with beneficial energies in your life, do stay tuned here on our blog for Part 2 of our March Birthday event!


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  1. i love this! love these chairs!! they are beautiful

  2. Hiya! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you’ve got right here on this post.
    I shall be coming again to your weblog for more soon.

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