OSIM International Triathlon 2010

Dear blog readers,

Earlier this month was the OSIM International Triathlon 2010, held on Saturday and Sunday on 10th & 11th of April 2010.

It was truly a great experience just being there, watching all the various categories like the Elite Men and Women, Standard Distance (Individuals and Relays), Junior Elite Boys & GIrls, Kids Category, etc.

With each individuals in their very best performance and with the enthusiastic crowd cheering them on at every point, OSIM International Triathlon 2010 was simply a great success!

Let’s take a look at the photos of both Day 1 and Day 2:

The crowd waiting for the participants to come out of the sea

Our cheerleaders cheering for our fellow colleagues in the Corporate Challenge category

Contestants from Elite Men category coming out from the sea

After their swim, the contestants mount their bikes

Contestant doing his best on his bike

Look how close the contestants are! Racing close to each other.

Contestants making their 2nd round on their bikes!

Contestant going past the finishing line! Woohoo!

Our ever-ready OSIM cheerleading squad, cheering on the contestants!

Mr Sim presenting the prize medals to the triathlon winners

Winners from the category of Elite Women

Our OSIM massage booth for the participants' use after their race

Participants using our uSqueez Warm to sooth their tired calves!

OSIM family group photo at the end of the triathlon!


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