Good Sitting Posture for You!

There are many reasons why everyday people, like you and me would suffer from body aches. Yes yes, the main reason would be your stress coming from the daily grind, the long man-hours you clock at work. Not forgetting coming back home to another round of housework chores (especially for all hardworking Mums out there).

Along the way while we are doing these tasks, we tend not to remember certain important things, like protecting our health and wellness.  Thus in long-term, making ourselves vulnerable to illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles.

For many of us who face the computers on a daily basis, we tend to have bad sitting postures even without being aware of it. Having bad sitting posture at work all day may seem to be minor, but do beware of the long-term effects it may cause!

Here are some tips to prevent you from bad sitting postures:

  1. Raise the computer screen up to your eye-level. You can put some books or empty small boxes below your screen to raise it up!
  2. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your back leaning towards your chair
  3. Support your back with a small cushion
  4. Make sure your chair and table are not too high or low for you. They have to be at a comfortable level, where it’s right for you

So instead of suffering silently, why not be pro-active and take up these healthy tips to make your sitting posture right!


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