OSIM uSoffa Family Set

Dear blog readers,

What do you get when you combine uSoffa Petit and uSoffa? Introducing OSIM uSoffa Family Set, where you could have the best of both worlds! With uSoffa Family Set, it gives you and your family a reason to spend more time together while enjoying the comforts of a soothing massage. Plus, it is so good-looking that you wouldn’t really want to take your eyes off it!

uSoffa Family Set in Tangerine

OSIM uSoffa gives you comprehensive Full-Body Massage, relieving fatigue, aches and strains, while OSIM uSoffa Petit gives you comfort and style with its versatile functionality and compact design. So whether you & your loved ones are watching TV or simply lounging around, you know you can always count on uSoffa Family Set to give you a good time!

Visit here to see the Family Set for yourself!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa_petit.aspx


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