Finally a thermometer that you can trust

OSIM Ear Scan IV is smart as it uses infra technology for accuracy, safety and convenience. And you can trust OSIM Ear Scan IV to give you clinical accuracy.

It is simple to use with its one-button operation. And most importantly, it is gentle too! It causes no discomfort and is especially suited for toddlers and children.

How does Ear-Scan IV take a temperature?
Clinical research has shown that the temperature of the ear drum mirrors that of the body. Sensors at the tip of the probe measure the heat generated by the ear drum and surrounding tissues. The average of 6 readings is taken to ensure accuracy.
With its 360° Flexi-Probe, it adjusts according to the ear canal wall so entry is smooth and the risk of injuring the sensitive canal wall is reduced.
For more on Ear Scan IV, visit: or our OSIM outlets today!

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