Introducing OSIM uWalk

Dear blog readers,

Do you know that by taking 10,000 steps a day could help you slim down and keep you healthy? Well yes! Studies have shown that by walking 10,000 steps a day can help trim your waistline by 2 inches, lose 10 pounds (about 4.5kg) and reduce high blood pressure by 34%.

Amazing isn’t it? If I’d known this earlier, I would have walked even more everyday! Imagine the number of steps taken while walking to the bus stop, to the workplace/school or while climbing up the stairs. All these could be done easily daily, but is there an instrument that is smart and accurate enough to count the number of steps that we take?

Well now we do! Introducing OSIM uWalk, the Tri Axis Pocket Pedometer that uses multi-directional 3D motion sensor technology to measure your:

1) step count

2) calories and fat burned

3) distance

4) exercise time

5) average speed

OSIM uWalk in Green, Purple and White

The 3D motion sensor measures more accurately than conventional pedometers and has a smart-detection feature that automatically determines if you are walking, giving you an accurate step count.

Sounds good? Yes! Also, one of the features we love is that it’s so small and slim that you can keep it in your pocket or bag while you walk! Plus, it has a 14-day memory that automatically stores up to 14 days’ data in its memory. This makes your monitoring process so much more easier!

I know hitting the gym and doing vigorous exercises are great, but sometimes I understand that it’s only normal to feel lazy. Though 10,000 steps seem really long and tough, but it is possible! So everybody, let’s all work towards this goal of walking 10,000 steps a day with OSIM uWalk!

Now with OSIM uWalk, we’ve got no excuse to walk less! Walking more with OSIM uWalk, as every step counts!

OSIM uWalk is only available on OSIM Webshop. Please visit for more details.

To learn more about OSIM uWalk, visit:


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