Just me and my uWalk at the *SCAPE flea market.

– by Sueann Tan

After a hectic week of work and filming for The Rookie, I felt that I was in dire need of a workout… A simple workout that was fun and at the same time not too intensive. At the same time, my girl friend was running a stall at the *SCAPE flea market next to Cathay Cineleisure. As such, I decided to bring my uWalk along in my flea-hunting venture!

Flea-hunting is not shopping, by the way. It is far crazier than that. You’ll have to battle through throngs of bargain-hungry girls, scavenging through racks and racks of clothing, accessories and shoes, and propositioning prices with stall owners. In short, serious flea-hunting is not for the weak-hearted. It requires proper preparation.

My checklist for the flea market:

–          Flat sandals? Check!

–          Shorts and a tank top? Check!

–          An awesome partner who is equally as competent in flea-hunting? Check!

–          Cash? (No credit cards accepted here please!) Check!

–         And of course, my trusty purple uWalk to monitor my little ‘fitness regime’ for the day? Check!

And so it began…

Look at the throng of people! Large crowds + humid weather = A very sticky situation, literally.

This is my friend Natasha. She co-owned a stall at the flea. Her stall was very cutely named “For the Heck of It”, which was the very purpose for setting up a stall.

Check out the crowd and clothes racks!

Crazy, isn’t it?

I also saw some really interesting stuff that were on sale…

Like a bunch of geeky rings that were made out of Lego and Scrabble pieces, and keyboard buttons. I loved them! Bought 3 for myself, heh.
And look at that bandage dress that is definitely too small for me. I’m sure it’d only fit a 9 year old. ):
Good looking accessories that both guys and girls can wear!
More random shots of the day…
And finally, after the flea market, I decided to drop by the Heeren for a while. Look what I found:
It was the Manhunt showcase!
The fact that the contestants had to do pushups for the judge tickled my funny bone but I have to admit, it was a true test of machoness (and pride), indeed.

Anyway, after that long day,  I finally measured the number of steps I had taken with my uWalk: a whopping total of 20247 steps! That is also equals to 213.1 calories. Probably the equivalent of a light meal!
And I didn’t go back empty handed either!
All in all, I’m pretty glad that I managed to achieve so much just by attending a flea market: new buys, as well as a great workout. (:

2 responses to “Just me and my uWalk at the *SCAPE flea market.

  1. omg… that’s like 20k steps. good to know you had a nice workout. btw, where can i get one of these uwalk?

    ps: the rings are so cute!!! I want those too 😛

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