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OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mr Mike Shee

Dear blog readers,

We are celebrating OSIM’s 30th Anniversary! As part of our celebration, we’ve gathered some of our valued customers to tell us more on why they have been supporting OSIM all these while.

Our loyal customer, Mr Mike Shee, joins us as we celebrate OSIM’s 30th Anniversary. He shares with us why he has been supporting OSIM for the past 18 years. He was introduced to OSIM by his father in the 1990s and he has been supporting OSIM ever since!

Mr Mike Shee and son, together with their OSIM products!

“I would want to share the good benefits of OSIM products to my family members, loved ones and to all my close friends!”

– Mike Shee

Watch Mr Mike Shee in the video below, as he tells us how OSIM has helped in the overall well-being for his family and himself: 

For more interview videos like this, stay tuned, as we would be uploading more of these interviews with our customers!

How You Can Improve Your Walking Routine In 3 Easy Ways

We all know that walking has many benefits for one’s health and is also a fun and easy way to exercise. But how do we know how much to walk to burn enough calories and fat?

Experts recommend that walking 10,000 steps in a day will burn 500 calories, and doing that five days a week will burn 3,500 calories – enough to lose 500g (1lb) of body fat. (Source: National Health Service, UK )

With this, we should aim to walk as much as we can! This means more staircase-climbing instead of using the lift! Or you could try walking (if the distance is walkable) instead of driving / taking the public transport to your destination. Small steps like these are actually big steps toward a better & healthier lifestyle!

(Photo credit:

But first, you need to bear in mind some items needed to make your walk a pleasant and fun one!

  • You would need proper shoes & attire – make sure your shoes are proper, sturdy shoes for walking. Your attire should be comfortable &  loose-fitting!
  • Get enough water to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle close to you while walking!
  • Have a pedometer with you to keep track on the number of steps, calories, fat burnt, distance walked, exercise time and average speed that you have clocked!

For pedometers, choose OSIM uWalk – Tri Axis Pocket Pedometer to fit into your daily walking routine.

OSIM uWalk uses multi-directional 3D motion sensor technology to measure more accurately than conventional pedometers. Its smart-detection feature automatically determines if you are walking, giving you an accurate step count.

OSIM uWalk in White, Purple and Green

OSIM uWalk is only available on OSIM Webshop. Please visit for more details.

To learn more about OSIM uWalk, visit:

Relaxation Corners by OSIM at YOG!

As part of being the Official Supporter of YOG, we have been setting up relaxing corners for the youth athletics and for anyone attending the Games to make their stay an enjoyable and relaxing one!

From Bishan to Toa Payoh Sports Hall, to the media centre at Marina Bay Sands, we have been placing our OSIM goodies at this places to rejuvenate and re-energise the users.

Take a look at the relaxation corners we’ve set up!:

Our delivery colleagues in action

At the media centre at Marina Bay Sands

Getting the OSIM uYogga ready for use!

uYogga relaxation corner!

Putting the uSoffa Petit in place

Here we go!

uSoffa Petit: Complete with operating instructions! Easy to use!

There are even more photos on these relaxation corners coming up, so stay tuned to our blog!

uSoffa + uSoffa Petit at YOUR homes!

I was surfing around the net and I realised that there are netizens out there who are proud owners of their OSIM uSoffa and uSoffa Petit! Here are some gems that I’ve found online on‘s forum page!:

uSoffa Petit in home owner TYM's cozy corner!

uSoffa in homeowner Joleena’s living room! Nice!

Looking at all these ‘home sweet home’ photos definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy:) Perhaps if you have your OSIM uSoffa or uSoffa Petit at home, why not snap a photo of it and share it with all of us?! You can email your photos to and we would gladly post it up!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa and uSoffa Petit, visit:

Photo credits from forum’s users (TYM & Joleena):