How You Can Improve Your Walking Routine In 3 Easy Ways

We all know that walking has many benefits for one’s health and is also a fun and easy way to exercise. But how do we know how much to walk to burn enough calories and fat?

Experts recommend that walking 10,000 steps in a day will burn 500 calories, and doing that five days a week will burn 3,500 calories – enough to lose 500g (1lb) of body fat. (Source: National Health Service, UK )

With this, we should aim to walk as much as we can! This means more staircase-climbing instead of using the lift! Or you could try walking (if the distance is walkable) instead of driving / taking the public transport to your destination. Small steps like these are actually big steps toward a better & healthier lifestyle!

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But first, you need to bear in mind some items needed to make your walk a pleasant and fun one!

  • You would need proper shoes & attire – make sure your shoes are proper, sturdy shoes for walking. Your attire should be comfortable &  loose-fitting!
  • Get enough water to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle close to you while walking!
  • Have a pedometer with you to keep track on the number of steps, calories, fat burnt, distance walked, exercise time and average speed that you have clocked!

For pedometers, choose OSIM uWalk – Tri Axis Pocket Pedometer to fit into your daily walking routine.

OSIM uWalk uses multi-directional 3D motion sensor technology to measure more accurately than conventional pedometers. Its smart-detection feature automatically determines if you are walking, giving you an accurate step count.

OSIM uWalk in White, Purple and Green

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