OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mr Mike Shee

Dear blog readers,

We are celebrating OSIM’s 30th Anniversary! As part of our celebration, we’ve gathered some of our valued customers to tell us more on why they have been supporting OSIM all these while.

Our loyal customer, Mr Mike Shee, joins us as we celebrate OSIM’s 30th Anniversary. He shares with us why he has been supporting OSIM for the past 18 years. He was introduced to OSIM by his father in the 1990s and he has been supporting OSIM ever since!

Mr Mike Shee and son, together with their OSIM products!

“I would want to share the good benefits of OSIM products to my family members, loved ones and to all my close friends!”

– Mike Shee

Watch Mr Mike Shee in the video below, as he tells us how OSIM has helped in the overall well-being for his family and himself: 

For more interview videos like this, stay tuned, as we would be uploading more of these interviews with our customers!


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