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Interview with uSoffa Cushion Cover Contest Winner

Dear blog readers, we bring to you here the winner of the ‘Design your own OSIM uSoffa cushion cover’ contest, Mr Denny Liew. This contest was held earlier and the main focus of the contest was to design your own cushion cover for the OSIM uSoffa.

Let us see what Mr Denny Liew, the contest winner has to say about:

OSIM: Share with us why you want to join this design contest?

Mr Liew: A friend recommended me and thought that I may be interested, as I’m always interested in designing, so I checked this contest out on!

OSIM: Are you in the design/Creative industry?

Mr Liew: No, I’m not. I’ve self taught myself doing designs like this.

OSIM: How long did you take to complete your design entry?

Mr Liew: Around 2-3 hours.

OSIM: Could you explain your artwork to us?

Mr Liew: Going green and recycling blends in our daily lifestyle and hence the design ‘Go green’.

OSIM: Do you own any OSIM products?

Mr Liew: I own uPapa Hug and uZap. I like the uPapa Hug as it gives me the strong massage on my shoulders! I’m still using the uPapa Hug up till now!

OSIM: Lastly what does OSIM means to you?

Mr Liew: OSIM does great health products and the products’ quality makes it the leading health product brand!

Mr Danny Liew, together with his winning design entry and uSoffa Petit prize

“Thank you very much OSIM for the uSoffa Petit! Both my wife and I will definitely enjoy the massage sofa!” – Mr Denny Liew

Behind-the-scenes with Chen Mei Feng

(OSIM Exclusive)

Have you seen our TVC of OSIM uMama Warm around? Well, I’m sure most of you would recognise Taiwanese celebrity, Chen Mei Feng in it! Let’s see what goes behind-the-scenes of the making of this TVC:

Chen Mei Feng getting ready on the set of the TVC

Getting some last minute touch-ups!

Chen Mei Feng on the TVC set, getting ready, set and go!

Cameraman getting the scene right!

Look how great the set of the TVC is!

For more information on uMama Warm, visit:!

Ms Xin Hong – Another satisfied OSIM customer

Dear blog readers,

Here’s another instalment of our mini interview series done over the past weeks. In this blog entry, we bring to you our OSIM supporter of 3 years, Ms Xin Hong:

Ms Xin Hong together with her family

Ms Xin Hong owns the OSIM uSqueez Warm, iPamper, iCare 200, iTango, and iBrush. Besides these, she actively recommends OSIM products to her friends and colleagues. She told us that her favourite OSIM product is her uSqueez Warm, as it soothes her tired & aching calves after a long day of work.

Also, she tells us why she supports OSIM, as she told us that “No matter which OSIM outlet you visit, the services of OSIM staff are equally good!”

To watch the full interview, click below:

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OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mdm Tan

Dear blog readers,

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching our customer interview with Mr Mike Shee in our previous blog posting. In this entry, we present to you another interesting interview done recently with Mdm Tan Seok Keng.

Mdm Tan has been supporting OSIM for about 10 years. Her first OSIM purchase was the OSIM Millennium chair back in 2000!

Mdm Tan with her daughter on their favourite OSIM iDesire

“I love OSIM products as they are good, long lasting and are attractive!”

-Mdm Tan Seok Keng

To watch the interview video, click below:

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