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Ms Xin Hong – Another satisfied OSIM customer

Dear blog readers,

Here’s another instalment of our mini interview series done over the past weeks. In this blog entry, we bring to you our OSIM supporter of 3 years, Ms Xin Hong:

Ms Xin Hong together with her family

Ms Xin Hong owns the OSIM uSqueez Warm, iPamper, iCare 200, iTango, and iBrush. Besides these, she actively recommends OSIM products to her friends and colleagues. She told us that her favourite OSIM product is her uSqueez Warm, as it soothes her tired & aching calves after a long day of work.

Also, she tells us why she supports OSIM, as she told us that “No matter which OSIM outlet you visit, the services of OSIM staff are equally good!”

To watch the full interview, click below:

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