Having Neck, Shoulders & Back Aches?

 Dear blog readers,

It has been awhile! Hope everyone is doing fine!

Amidst the hectic daily grind, most of us would experience neck, shoulders & back aches occasionally. With a busy lifestyle, it is only normal that these common pain-points occur! Most of these aches arise because of our daily lifestyle habits, such as facing the computer for long hours or having the need to lift heavy objects, etc.

Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy upper body at all times!  

Here are some useful and simple tips for you to follow:

  • Practice good posture when lifting heavy objects
    • Bend your knees & keep the load close to your body.
  • Don’t slouch
    • Maintain a good posture by rolling your shoulders back and down & elongating your neck
  • Take time-outs
    • Loosen and relax your back muscles by avoiding prolonged sitting positions
  • Have a massage
    • Massages are a relief to most city dwellers, as they help you to relax & rejuvenate. Choose OSIM uMama Warm for you and your family, as it gives a complete 360º upper body massage experience covering the neck, shoulders, back and tummy


Chen Mei Feng with uMama Warm!

For more information on uMama Warm, visit www.OSIM.com today!


One response to “Having Neck, Shoulders & Back Aches?

  1. I should follow massage chair.

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