Binge eating during Festive Season?

Dear blog readers,

Holidays are here! This means holiday shopping, gifts exchanging, catching up with old pals, and of course this also means eating more! Why is it that we tend to eat excessively during the holiday season? Well, maybe simply because we are all in the spirit of eating, that’s why!

So instead of chowing down all the roasted turkeys, Christmas cookies, candy canes and pecan pies of the world, lets try to have a healthier eating lifestyle this holiday season!

You can start by following these simple tips to prevent yourself from eating excessively:

  • By drinking more water before a meal, we will tend to eat lesser, thus this helps us to eat sensibly
  • Try eating in small portions. Having holiday food in front of you can be tempting. But try to eat them in small portions every 3 to 4 hours!
  • Use a smaller plate. This way, you are able to control the food you put on your plate!
  • Eat more greens this holiday season! By adding in more salad and fruits to your menu, they will give you the essential minerals and vitamins needed to stay healthy

So this holiday season, eat light and sensibly! And with that, we can ring in the New Year healthily!


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