uDivine Colours!

uDivine is available in 5 contemporary lifestyle colours: Marble Grey, Pearl White, Ruby Red, Jade Green and Heavenly Blue. Want to know how to blend these colours into your living space? Read on to find out more!

uDivine in Heavenly Blue: Blue represents blessings and is a calming, peaceful colour for meditation and contemplation.

uDivine in Ruby Red: Red is the colour of luck, prosperity, power, glory and happiness. A red piece of furniture could improve Fame or Reputation area of your home.

uDivine in Pearl White: White is the colour of spirituality and moral purity. If you are an artist, designer, musician, writer or into any form of arts, you may want to improve energy in this area.

uDivine in Marble Grey: Grey is for Travel and helpful people. This means that the helpful people are those that you interact with on a daily basis. When considering how many people one deals with everyday, this sector is very important. Keep objects that promote good energy towards others in this area.


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