Heart-shaped Neck Massager?

Ever seen a massager which is huggable and heart-shaped? Well, here we have one! Introducing OSIM uLuv neck massager!

OSIM uLuv neck massager relieves aching and tight muscles with the effective kneading massage action that feels as good as the professional masseuse’s hands.

Also, it is shaped for enhanced support and multiple massage functions, enjoy target-focused relief with maximum contact and coverage on your neck, shoulders, back, arms and calves! 

Buy OSIM uLuv for your loved ones and they will be thrilled! Not only can uLuv be a great massager, but it also acts as a cushion! Jazz up your living space and double up the pleasures of your relaxing pastime with the cushion that massages. The stylish two-in-one massager cum cushion comes in two delightful colours: Coral Pink and Latte.

Click here here to know more about uLuv, or visit any OSIM outlets/roadshows for more information!


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