Andy Lau at OSIM uDivine Press Conference

Dear blog readers,

We were all excited to have Andy Lau this past weekend (26 March 2011) for OSIM uDivine press conference where Andy talked & shared with us why OSIM uDivine is his number one choice:

Everyone's anticipating Andy Lau!

Unveiling Andy Lau on the OSIM uDivine!

Waving to the crowd!

Andy greeting the crowd, together with hosts Fenying and Yongmei

Andy addressing the media

Close-up of the handsome Andy Lau!

Media and crowd getting excited while Andy Lau raved about the OSIM uDvine!


Our 30 OSIM Super Mums got to meet up close and personal with Andy Lau

A toast to both Andy for his 30-year career and OSIM for our 30-year milestone!

OSIM CFO, Mr Peter Lee presenting an OSIM uDivine miniature to Andy

In return, Andy presented his gift of caligraphy to OSIM

Andy signing on the OSIM uDivine!

Andy posing with his autographed OSIM uDivine

Stay tuned for more exclusive photos /videos of Andy, during our press conference and interview with him!


One response to “Andy Lau at OSIM uDivine Press Conference

  1. Greeting,

    Thanks for the great photos sharing, but may i kindly know if you may have happen to capture a photo of me with Andy when on stage?
    Should had hug him but too nervous and missed that chance – whole nite can’t zzz with full of regret, so now just hope can find some photos to keep as memory. Would appreciate if you can kindly send me some if have.

    P/s : I was the third mama from Andy left.
    Thanks in advance.


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