Top 5 myths & tips on children’s sleep every parents need to know!

Sleep plays an essential role in every child’s growth and health. Our body repairs, regenerates cells and refreshes the mind during this period. Children are likely to perform better and are less prone to behavioural problems and moodiness with a good sleep. Below are some common sleep myths and facts parents should take note of.

Myth: Babies need a perfectly quiet place to sleep.

Fact: Babies are already used to hearing and sleeping with some background noise.

The womb is actually a very noisy place filled with noises such as the mother’s digestive sounds and heartbeat. To help babies sleep better, use white noise recordings (eg. ocean waves or rainfall), lullabies or soft music to soothe and calm their minds.

Myth: Not taking naps will make a child sleep longer at night

Fact: A child’s biology is not created to go from morning to bedtime without a rest.

Nap and night-time sleep are both necessary and independent of each other. Children who nap well are usually less cranky and sleep better at night. The table below shows an estimate how much night-time sleep and naps children of different age require.

Baby & Children Sleep Chart. Adapted from

Myth: Keeping a baby up late will make him really tired so he’ll fall asleep. 

Fact: Once a child becomes overtired, it will be difficult for him to fall asleep.

The child should be put to bed when they are feeling drowsy, but awake. Take advantage of your child’s natural biology so that he is actually tired when his bedtime arrives. You can help align sleepiness with bedtime by dimming the lights in your home during the hour or two before bedtime.

Myth: A good sleep means sleeping through the night

Fact: One in three children wakes up at night.

As frustrating as it is to parents, night waking is normal. It is natural to have the child waking and feeding frequently, especially during the first three months. Furthermore, all human beings wake up five or more times each night, when shifting from one stage of sleep to another. The issue is not for a child to sleep all night without waking up, but for a child to be able to fall back to sleep.

Myth: Children will learn how to fall asleep on their own, as it’s a natural process.

Fact: Parents can take steps to start cultivating good sleeping habits from young

Although some children do learn to self-sooth more easily and naturally than other babies, for most babies it is a skill that they need to learn. Parents can help children to form positive associations with sleeping. The child who falls asleep on his own will be better able to return to sleep during normal night-time awakenings.

To address the above common issues, parents can start by creating a soothing and comfortable sleeping environment for the children with OSIM uVenus, the world’s 1st ambient purifier.


Air purifier

Give your children a clean, fresh sleeping environment with uVenus’s Mult-action Tru-air purification process. An active ioniser, True HEPA filter and UV Catalytic Filter, purify the air for easier breathing and better well-being during sleep time.A clean and healthy indoor space is vital for children, especially those with respiratory conditions or allergies. uVenus can remove dust and harmful particles for easier and safer breathing during sleep.

Mood light & Music

uVenus offers you 3 different programmes – RELAX, BALANCE and ENERGISE, each with a scientifically researched mood light programme and clinically-proven music, to create the ideal ambience.

For bedtime, choose the RELAX programme where cool colour tones gently alternate in a slow flowing rhythm, accompanied by music based on alpha waves. The mood light calms children’s restless mind and tense emotions while alpha waves music encourages their brainwaves to a state of relaxation, making them fall asleep easier.

Watch this clip to learn more on how uVenus protects your family from air, light and noise pollution!


OSIM uVenus comes in 2 easily interchangeable display options: standing or table-top to fit your home environment. It also has a night light controller that allows you to access the wake-up and sleep timer functions.

It’s award-winning sleek design and innovative technology makes it an essential accessory for any homes. Transform your living space into an urban sanctuary with uVenus, the world’s 1st ambient purifier.

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