Are your children breathing in clean air at home?

The air we are breathing in everyday contains many invisible pollutants that can be harmful to our bodies. These harmful pollutants in our living spaces can weaken the body’s immune sytem and are often main causes of allergies and respiratory ailments in children.

Nasal allergies are very common amongchildren and many parents often could not differentiate them from the usual colds and flu.

Colds are usually associated with thicker nasal secretions, a sore throat, hoarseness and possibly fever. They also tend to get fairly better compared to nasal allergies.

What are the symptoms of nasal allergies?

Symptoms of nasal allergies can be mild or severe and include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Itchy, watery, red or swollen eyes
  • Persistent, thin, water nasal discharge

What causes nasal allergies?

Allergens are foreign substances that can cause an allergic reaction in certain people. Nasal allergies are often caused by one or more of the following allergens:

House dust

House dust composes of a number of natural substances, including dried food particles, mold spore, pollen, fabric fibers, animal dander and insect parts. These particles contain proteins that are small enough to be airborne and inhaled.

Dust mites

Invisible to the naked eye, dust mites are microscopic arachnids (resembling tiny spiders) that can attach firmly to fibers, living deep within carpeting, upholstery and mattresses. Fortunately, dust mites do not bite, spread disease or actually live on humans. However, their tiny, airborne fecal pellets are what most children are allergic to.


As cute as they may be, pets are often a source of allergens. When the animal licks itself, saliva gets on its fur or feathers and when the saliva dries, protein particles become airborne. Cats in particular are the worst offenders because the protein from their saliva is extremely tiny and they tend to lick themselves more often than other animals. Pets allergens can also be found in daner, hair and urine.


Mould can be found thriving in both warm and moist evironment. Dark poorly ventilated indoor areas such as bathrooms and under kitchen sinks are places where moulds thrive in. Outdoors, moulds can be found in poor drainage areas.


Another major cause of allergies, these tiny particles are releaed into the air by trees, weeds and other plants for fertilisation. Large quantities of lightweight pollen are usually produced and they can carried for great distances and easily inhaled, bringing it into contact with the sensitive nasal passages.

How nasal allergies can affect your child?

Besides being a health threat, nasal allergies can cause discomforts for your child. He may lose sleep at night due to allergens such as dust mites and house dust being circulated into the air when tossing in bed. A lack of good quality sleep can impede proper rest and development of the child’s body. The child may become cranky or tired esaily in the day and a school-going child mya have trouble paying attention in class.

What can parents do about nasal allergies?

While there is no real cure for allergies, it is possible to relieve the symptoms by reducing or eliminating exposure to allergens. Indoor air in homes in 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air and children tend to spend a large amount of time indoors. As parents, you can do your part by helping to keep your child’s allergies under control by reducing the amount of allergens in the house with the new OSIM’s uVenus, the world’s 1st ambient purifier.

How the uVenus can remove allergens and give your children cleaner air

Fine Mesh Filter

Large dust particles such as dust & pet hair are removed at this initial stage of the purifying process.

True HEPA filter

Commonly used in clinical laboratories and hospitals, the True HEPA Filter removes 99.97%  of harmful particles in the air. Dust, moulds, dust mites and allergens as small as 0.3 microns are removed at this stage.

Highly Absorbent Deodouriser Filter

Activated carbon and aluminum curbs bacteria growth and neutralises odour for fresh-smelling air.

UV Catalytic Filter

Ultraviolet light from the UV LED lamp falls on the Titanium Dioxide coated filter and produces hydroxl radicals (OH). Bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores are deactivated here.

Active Ioniser

The uVenus with its Mutli-action Tru-air purification process purifies stale indoor air and provides clean, fresh air for easier breathing and better well-being for your family.

It is also a mood light with 3 scientifically-researched light modules and specially-composed music to help RELAX, BALANCE or ENERGISE the mind and body.

OSIM uVenus comes in 2 easily interchangeable display options: standing or table-top, to fit your home environment. It also has a night light controller that allows you to access the wake-up and sleep timer functions.

It’s award-winning sleek design and innovative technology makes it an essential accessory for any homes. Transform your living space into an urban sanctuary with uVenus, the world’s 1st ambient purifier.


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