Let the Fun Begin at uDivine Party 天王派对 (17 Sept 2011)!

Ever wanted to throw a party which is fit for a king? On 17th September 2011, our lively uDivine owners Sunny and Felicia did so!

Sunny and Felicia were chosen out of the many entries sent to us by our uDivine owners – in which OSIM will hold an uDivine Party at their home with food & entertainment taken care of by OSIM!

uDivine owners Sunny & Felicia

The party hosts for the day were none other than our awesome LOVE 97.2FM DJs Violet Fenying and Leelian Chua.

DJs greeted warmly by our Mr 'Heavenly' Lau

DJs playing party games with Sunny and his guests

We specially invited our very own king of all chefs – Chef Eric, as our celebrity guest! Chef Eric created a dish specially for this uDivine Party; where he named it “天王代代平安”!

Celebrity Guest, Chef Eric, posing with his blazing new creation “天王代代平安”

Yummy! Our party guests truly enjoyed the dish!

Guests enjoying the delicious “天王代代平安”!

OSIM uDivine was the highlight of the day as many of the guests tried it for their very first time!

Mr Peter Loy: “My wife and I have tried many massage chairs but uDivine is still the best. We give it full marks!”

Mrs Subranam: “DJs Fen Ying and Lee Lian have been raving about the uDivine on air. Now that I’ve tried it, I understand why everyone’s talking about uDivine”

Interactive games and gifts were prepared for the guests!

Chef Eric together with DJs Fen Ying and Lee Lian


OSIM天王椅, 亲朋好友都来赞, 你赞我赞大家赞!

Click below to see the group’s uDivine group cheer:





We will be updating on the next 3 uDivine parties on this blog every week, so do stay tuned for the next uDivine party post!



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