And the Fun Continues at our 2nd uDivine Party 天王派对 (24 Sept 2011)!

We are happy to hold our second uDivine Party (天王派对) on 24th Sept at uDivine owner Serene Ee’s home!

LOVE 97.2FM DJs Violet Fenying and Wallace were there as the party hosts . The bubbly and lively band – 插班生, also made a special appearance as our celebrity guests!

插班生 arriving at the uDivine Party!

Click below to enjoy the exclusive photos  of our second uDivine Party (天王派对) at Serene’s home!

uDivine owner Serene welcomes 插班生 to her party!

Our guests were treated to a yummy buffet spread!

插班生 serenading the guests with their great live performance!

Our guests relaxing on the OSIM uDivine 天王椅! Looks like they have fallen asleep!

“Thank you OSIM for all the gift hampers!” - Party guest winning a hamper during our uDivine Q&A games!

Everyone is having a blast! Guests making a toast “Cheers to OSIM uDivine!”

插班生 and Serene couldn’t resist posing with our uDivine celebrity endorser - Andy Lau!

Madam Tessie Chua: "It’s so convenient to have uDivine massage chair. Now I can have my massage anytime in the comforts of my home!"

Ms Debbie Koh: "No human hand can possibly match the soothing pleasure of the Airbag Massage Feature. I also love that I can choose my preferred massage points."

Mr Norman Leong: "People think that massages are only for muscle tension relief. After using uDivine, I feel it’s the perfect way to relieve stress and help you relax. Simply awesome!"

OSIM uDivine 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Serene and her guests doing their uDivine group cheer here!:


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