OSIM Throws The Third uDivine Party 天王派对!

It’s the third week of the uDivine parties and we were just getting warmed up! Last Saturday, we threw another uDivine party for our third lucky host – Annie! Our bubbly DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were there to entertain Annie’s guests, together with MediaCorp artiste Huang Wen Yong.

OSIM uDivine owner, Annie and her husband welcome the cheery duo – Violet Fenying and LeeLian!

Huang Wen Yong arrives, still as suave as ever!

The party guests were in high spirits while exquisite savouries are served.

Celebrity guest, Huang Wen Yong, is the life of the party as he entertained the guests with games and goofy antics.

OSIM gift hampers worth more than $500 each are presented to the lucky guests of the night.

Of course, the star of the party was the OSIM uDivine! The guests could not get enough of it!

Enjoying the comfort only a uDivine massage could provide, Huang Wen Yong almost dozes off! *Tsk tsk*

Mr Koh Chuay Huay – My back muscles are always very stiff but I’m too busy for a massage. Now with uDivine, everyone can enjoy relaxing massages in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Madam Lily Ang – I’m a big fan of uDivine’s leg massage programme! The warm and human-like massages help my legs feel relaxed.

Mr Ang Lian Seng – I personally like the Senior Massage programme most because it fulfills the needs of the elderly.

When asked to rate the OSIM uDivine天王椅, Huang Wen Yong says, “FULL MARKS for the uDivine 天王椅!”

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Annie and her party guests cheer for the uDivine!

And that was it! Watch this space for updates on more OSIM uDivine parties!


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