OSIM uDivine Party 天王派对(8th October 2011) – It hasn’t ended just yet!

This week would be our 4th uDivine Party 天王派对 and lovely Joanne was the lucky host this week!  As usual, our lively DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were present to liven up the atmosphere! The special guest for this week was famous local geomancer, Master Dong Nong Zheng.

OSIM uDivine owner, Joanne and her son welcome our chirpy DJs Fenying and LeeLian!

Master Dong Nong Zheng dishes out helpful fengshui tips to Joanne on how to improve her health and wealth upon. To increase your wealth, Master Dong Nong Zheng advises to position your uDivine to the north-west side of your home.

Master Dong is having a good time too! He advises our guests not to put uDivine near sunlight, or near windy areas of the home, especially under a ceiling fan and bathroom areas.

Tasty treats were served! Children and adults alike find them extremely delightful!

FenYing and LeeLian host the live broadcast of the uDivine Party on 972FM!

What's an OSIM uDivine Party without exciting gifts? Lucky guests walk away with hampers worth more than $500 each!

And now, to the highlight of the party – our OSIM uDivine Massage Chair! Let’s see what the guests have to say about the OSIM uDivine.

Joanne - The uDivine has in-built system that would detect and scan my back and shoulder, giving a massage fit for the shape and position of my back and shoulder. The massage feels like it was designed for me! And it always managed to reach the vital spot, effectively relieving the tension and stress built up for the day.

Mr.Lee - As an engineer, I am required to walk around worksites frequently. At the end of the day, I may even have cramps in my tired calves and thighs! The uDivine massage relaxes my calves and thigh muscles, giving me uninterrupted nights of good sleep!

Mr Tan - Being a teacher specializing in Physical Education requires me to work out a lot! The uDivine massage relieves tensed muscles and keeps me energised for the rest of the day.

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Joanne and the delighted party guests cheer for the uDivine!

Watch the party cheers from all the uDivine parties and vote for the best! You may just walk away with an OSIM $500 voucher!


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