OSIM Badminton Clinic

Almost nothing is better than spending a day with your favourite celebrities, playing your favourite sport and on top of it, learn some cool badminton strokes.

Yes! The OSIM badminton clinic is here again.

This year, we have 10 youths from Singapore Boys’ Town to learn from 3 of our Singapore’s top badminton shuttlers: Gu Juan, Fu Ming Tian and Derek Wong. Not only are they being coached personally by our Singapore badminton celebrities, they even got a chance to play with them.

Specially designed relaxation and massage corner for all our guests to make sure everyone is well-relaxed and refreshed

Here comes the youths from Boys’ Town, all eager and ready to play some badminton with our Singapore badminton celebrities

Hope they don’t fall asleep before the badminton clinic starts

*Drumrolls* Here comes Gu Juan, Fu Ming Tian and Derek Wong!

Our AGM, Lynn Tan giving an opening speech before the badminton clinic officially begins

Gu Juan teaching the boys how to hit the shuttlecock the correct way

Look how serious Derek Wong is when teaching the boys. He evens corrects their posture personally!

“First, you aim then you hit. But do it gracefully like me”

After some training, the boys started playing like pros. I’m sure the 3 “coaches-of-the-day” are proud of them

Okay, some last minute coaching before the friendly match begins

And here they go…

The boys performed so well that our coach, Richard Yeo said that some of them have potential! Hmmmm… I think we are looking at some future National team badminton players here

The media were also here to interview our Singapore badminton celebrities!

Look at Fu Ming Tian enjoying our latest uDivine App massage chair

And Derek Wong exploring its various functions and he seems to be dozing off soon

Autograph session! Our youths from Boys’ Town most awaited moment

We presented our uCozy neck massagers to our 3 distinguished Badminton celebrities and Li Ning Coach, Richard Yeo

Last but not least, goodie bags for our young (and probably future national team) badminton players


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