uPhoria Rest Station at AMK Hub

Due to the great response we had for our first uPhoria Rest Station event, we had our second uPhoria rest station event at AMK Hub on the 26th of August. Once again, our ever-popular uPhoria was a hot favourite with the people there.

Preparing before the event starts

Check out the crowd in AMK Hub!

Our 6 uPhorias are fully taken!

Our customers being asked to share their experience

This best explains her experience with uPhoria

Need we say more?

Another satisfied customer 🙂

Interested to find out what she says about her uPhoria experience? Check out our upcoming video in our Facebook Page.

Game time! See how excited everyone are! We gave out so many prizes that day!

You can still try our uPhoria leg massagers in our various outlets islandwide. What’s more, it is only at $58/month now! Visit http://www.osim.com for more information on uPhoria or http://www.facebook.com/OSIMSG for more updates on the uPhoria Rest Station event.


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