Behind the Scene with Vivian and Kate

We recently started airing our uDivine App TVC featuring Kate Pang and Vivian Lai on various channels. Have you seen it?

Anyway, this shoot took us, the artistes and the production team one full day (and more! from 830am till 1am the next day!). However, even till the last minute of the shoot, everyone was still so chirpy and no one seems to be tired at all! Especially the 2 artistes, both of them made our whole set so lively.

Let’s check out the Behind the scene of our shoot for our uDivine App TVC!

Our set-up for the shoot!

Vivian getting her hair made up before the shoot

Kate getting ready for the shoot as well

Our dear Kate trying out the uDivine App massage chair

Vivian looks happy to be on our uDivine App massage chair

Let the shoot begin!

Having high tea while shooting?

The rundown for our TVC

The director is very serious when it comes to work

As well as all of our production staff

Kate Pang sharing with us how much she likes the uDivine App Massage chair. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the video!

Kate and Vivian never fail to cheer the whole crew up with their expressions!

Vivian trying our uDivine App together with the iPad

After a day of shoot, here’s our first version of the Star Choices TVC.
















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