OSIM uShape Body Shaper Activities

Joining the latest fitness craze is our OSIM uShape Body Shaper! Let’s see what activities we’ve been up to….

During the weekend, our OSIM uShape Body Shaper joined in the fun at 8 Days’ Eat Horror Night.

Our booth all ready for visitors to shake into shape!


Our OSIM staff demonstrating how to use the uShape cords.

Children and adults alike, everyone is having fun on the uShape!

5 4 3

We had a mini contest to record the highest number of calories burned per minute.

Let’s see how our contestants fared!

8 9 10

and the final winner is…….


A record of 19 calories per minute! Congratulations!


Watch me shake my thang!


Another activity we had was at i-Weekly’s I Love to Run where teams had to complete station games around Jurong Point!


Each team member has to hold on to 1 of the 4 poses for as long as possible.


Let’s check on their poses!

17 15 16

And how long did they last on the pose?

At least 1 minute and 38 seconds! Do you think you can do better?

A happy team after completing the station!


We had stage games after the race for all to participate in.

And 3 brave participants entered!

Our participants with a token of appreciation


Need a workout routine with the OSIM uShape? Do watch the following video for more!


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