Top 5 gifts for your Colleagues

uMist baby Air Humidfier

Last year, we recommended this product to be one of the perfect gift for your colleagues. This year, we will be recommending it to be your top choice to buy for your colleagues again. Why? According to AsiaOne, about 70 per cent of Singaporeans complain of dry skin, and this could be partly because of the popular habit of turning on the air-conditioning.

Usual Price: $88

uMist Baby Air Humidfier (Usual Price: $88)

Therefore, having moisture is essential for your office. Here are the Top 5 benefits of why you should have a humidifier in your office:

1. Prevents and relieves dry and scratchy lips and skin

2. Moisten the air which helps eliminate flu, cough, and cold symptoms

3. Helps asthma sufferers as the improved air quality moisturizes the respiratory system

4.  Added moisture allows the throat and nose to block dust and bacteria from entering

5. Increases oxygen levels, thus reducing headaches, fatigue, and overall tiredness

Moreover, our uMist Baby uses ultrasonic technology which simply means it uses sound wave energy, vibrating at very high frequency, to break up water into extremely fine mist. The fine mist evaporates easily to humidify your room more quickly and effectively.

P.S. Our uMist Baby can cover up to 20sqm, which means buying for your colleague means you can “use” it too!

uVision Eye Massager

Especially true for the deskbound, we spend the whole day looking at the computer screen.


There’s a new problem that some eye experts are calling computer vision syndrome (CVS) and it is getting “popular”. This syndrome affects up to 90% of people who spend two or more continuous hours a day with their eyes glued to a screen, whether it’s that of a computer, an e-reader, or a smartphone. The symptoms, which can include blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, or even long-term near-sightedness.


Don’t wait until you sense something is wrong. Start preventing the problem today.

uVision Eye Massager (Usual Price: $68)

uVision Eye Massager (Usual Price: $68)

Here are some benefits of our uVision Eye Massager:

  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Relieves eye strain and fatigue
  • Relieves headaches and insomnia
  • Reduces eyebags and dark rings
  • Improves circulation around the eyes
  • Improves concentration

The uVision can even help you to see better with its perforated lens. By looking through its perforated lens while you relax, tiny holes on the lens allow only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye, resulting in a sharper image being formed on the retina.

uVision Xmas

uPixie Pulse Massager

The weight of the head of an adult is on an average about 7 kg.


When we sit for a prolonged period in front of the computer with our heads bent forwards towards the screen, it produces a lot of pressure on our neck muscles. Spending long hours in front of the computer causes pain in the neck, shoulders, elbows and the wrists.

Electrical stimulation has been known to be scientifically proven to be effective as a drug-free method for muscle recovery and relieving muscle aches and strains. They are able to stimulate the body to release its own natural ‘feel good’ or pain-relieving hormones.


Other Benefits of Electrical Stimulation:

– Can actually enhance wound healing: The use of external EMS of such wounds theoretically increase blood flow speeds the blood’s nutrients to injured tissue, which assists in healing and makes a contracted muscle expand (which relaxes the muscle) relieving painful spasm.

– Enhance Bone Healing: When external forces are placed on bone, an electrical potential is generated.

– Strengthening: Can strategically target specific muscles for isolated strengthening.

– Muscle Re-Education and Atrophy Reduction: Can be used to work different muscles during initial stages of rehabilitation.

uPixie Pulse Massager (Usual Price: $238)

uPixie Pulse Massager (Usual Price: $238)

uSnooz Massage Wrap

Are the photos familiar to you?

napper office Napping office office nap

Have you seen your colleagues taking a nap/ dozing off in office before? Here’s the perfect gift for them!

uSnooz Massage wrap (Usual Price: $68)

uSnooz Massage Wrap (Usual Price: $68)

Our uSnooz Massage Wrap is designed to conform to the contours of your head and neck and is made with microfabric and memory foam (yes, you don’t have to inflate your neck pillow by blowing air into it anymore). Our uSnooz Massage Wrap even comes with 6 unique vibration programmes that effectively loosen tensed, knotted muscles to ease body aches and stiffness. With this, your sleepyhead colleague can take a 5 minutes (or longer if he/she doesn’t get caught) break.

uBuzz Portable Charger

We all have that one colleague that we are not close to but we still have to buy a Christmas gift for him/her cause it’s Christmas and everyone else is exchanging gifts. And also cause he/she bought you something. Here’s a perfect OSIM massager that not only is inexpensive but also versatile and portable.

uBuzz Portable massage (Usual Price: $48)

uBuzz Portable Massager (Usual Price: $48)

The OSIM uBuzz is designed with 3 massage attachments in one compact package to let you enjoy massage versatility anyway you want it.

ubuzz 3

Now, we all know what to get for these colleagues *wink wink *

Christmas Special Offers for the above OSIM Products

$58 Christmas Gift Set: uBuzz Portable Massager + uSnooz Massage wrap (UP$116)

DBS Exclusive $58 Gift Set: uBuzz Portable Massager + uVision Eye Massager (UP$116)

$188 Christmas Gift Set: uMist Baby Air Humidifier + uVision Eye Massager + uPixie Pulse Massager (UP$394)


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