Top 5 gifts for your close friends

uCozy Neck and Shoulder Massager

Grand Theft Auto? DOTA? Lord of Legends? Do you have that friend that games too much and too hard?


This serious gamer friend/geek is always glued to his/her gadget and this leads to aching and sore neck, shoulders and back. Also, due to the excitement they get from fighting the “boss”, they tend to get tensed up muscles from all over their body!

This Christmas, get them our uCozy Neck and shoulder massager!

OS102 Application Shot

The uCozy is not only convenient to bring around, it is also able to target the neck, shoulders and back to provide a soothing relief. With just a single button of operation, it is so easy to control (so that your gamer friend can spend more time gaming instead of figuring out how to operate the massager).

A definite Christmas gift for the gamer friend to let them enjoy spot-on relief for neck and shoulders before their next finger flicking battle!

uRelax Back and Hip Massager

Do you have that friend who knows about all the drama serials? From Hong Kong, US, to even China and Taiwan drama serials, he/ she has watched all of them before. This friend doesn’t have to work, so he/ she is able to spend all the time on the sofa watching drama serials.


While you’re sitting still, your heart is beating at 70 to 80 contractions per minute (unless you’re extremely fit). A sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy practices such as poor nutrition, weight gain, cigarette smoking can severely alter the basic cardiac structures and lead to a disordered anatomy that can create a very unhappy destiny.

Not only that, sitting too much and inactivity may cause deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein deep inside a muscle in your body. It usually happens in legs but can also develop in your arms, chest, or other areas of your body. The blood clot can also block your circulation or lodge in a blood vessel in your lungs, heart, or other area.

Though we might not be able to get our friend to stop watching dramas, or work out more, what we can do is to help them improve their blood circulation while they are “couch potato-ing”.

OS3605 uRelax_Red v2 (USP Shot)

Therefore, it’s time to get this friend our uRelax Back and Hip massager this Christmas! uRelax is so convenient that you are able to transform any of your couch to a massage chair for a pampering back massager.

You are able to choose from 3 massage modes (Shiatsu, Swing and Rolling), vibration and soothing heat to relieve aches and strains from your back. Combine it with a full-back, upper back or lower back massage option to achieve your ideal massage. For the couch potato, fret not! Improve their circulation, ease tensions, aches and stiffness with the uRelax now!

uDurian Handheld Massager

durian stall

Do you have a durian feasting kaki who is always up for anything durian?

Durian Pancakes, durian puffs, durian mooncakes, durian puree, etc…. It is impossible to miss this friend everytime you think of durian. Then how about giving this friend the most delicious massage this Christmas?

OS232 uDurian_45D(RGB)

Resembling the spikes of a durian, the OSIM uDurian heightens the benefits of a multi-point acupressure massage to soothe muscle aches and strain, while improving circulation. The uDurian’s revitalizing massage penetrates deep into muscle layers to provide quick relief for muscle aches and strain. The protruding nodes heighten the massage by further stimulating multi acupressure points on the body to promote circulation for overall well-being.

uPebble Foot Massager

That friend is always on the go. He/ she has to walk around all the time (due to work/ for leisure). Here comes uPebble to the rescue!

OS323 uPebble(RED)v3

Inspired by the health-yielding benefits of reflexology walking paths, the OSIM uPebble provides a stimulating reflexology massage to relieve tensions in your feet, ankles, calves, arms or palms. The dual-directional and ergonomically shaped massage modes in uPebble activate vital reflex points on your soles to benefit the correspond organs in the body.

The uPebble foot massager not only can be used for your feet, but because of its versatile design, it can be used on your calves, arms, ankles and arms as well.

uSlender Slim Belt

We all know our metabolism slows down so drastically after we age. Not only for women who starts having a tummy, but for guys, they also start growing their beer belly (due to the many years of beer-drinking).

Kimberly uSlender

The rhythmic Dual Kneading massage further enhances your firming and toning regime by improving circulation and the body’s detoxification process to prevent water retention and build-up of toxins and waste in your body that accumulates and retains fat. The patented Twin Power Osimotion also provide a well-balanced treatment for the human body. It works intensively on both sides of the body at the same time, preventing the build-up of subcutaneous fat, helping you to achieve a flat and firm tummy.

uSlender comes with 2 Automated massage programmes for a trimmer silhouette; Tummy Programme and Butt Programme.
The Tummy programme increases circulation to bring about oxygen to the abdominal area, resulting in higher metabolism and faster fat burning, thereby firming and toning the tummy. It also improves the body’s digestion process and facilitates excretion and preventing constipation.
The strong massage action in the Butt Programme makes it easier for the subcutaneous fatty tissue in the butt to be broken down, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite and aids in tightening and shaping your butt for a perkier silhouette.
Christmas promotions for the above products:
uCozy Neck and shoulder massager: 2 for $158 (UP$376)
uRelax Back massager + uCozy Neck and shoulder massager @ $268 (UP$456) + Free uBuzz
uDurian Handheld massager: 2 for $198 (UP$256)
uPebble foot massager+ uSnooz Massage Wrap + uDolly Handheld massager @ $188 (U.P $355)
uSlender slim belt massager + uPixie pulse massager + uDolly Handheld massager+ uSnooz Massage Wrap @ $288 (U.P $653)

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