OSIM X 联合晚报 uShape challenge

Sick of counting calories? Feeling sore from endless hours of exercising but still see no result? Fret not, because OSIM uShape is here to help!

The OSIM uShape is an innovative fitness machine that aims to revolutionize your exercise routine. This quick and easy-to-use fitness machine is the perfect companion in bringing you one step closer to your ideal figure.

We understand that everyone wants to look their best but not many have the time/motivation to exercise for hours. Therefore, we are back with another round of our very own OSIM uShape Challenge to give our lucky contestants that much-needed motivation. 12 lucky Wanbao readers were selected amongst the many hopefuls to be part of this exciting journey! The top 3 contestants that lose the most centimeters around their arms, waist and thighs would not only walk home with a slimmer silhouette, but also win attractive prizes. How awesome is that?

2Have you seen the newspaper coverage of this event?

The contestants looking both excited and concerned over their first measurements for their arms, waist and thighs

3 4 5Can you guess how many centimeters they will lose at the end of this challenge?

6 7 8

Having a heart-to-heart talk of their expectations and goals for this challenge


The OSIM uShape also comes with a pair of resistance bands to provide you with a full coverage workout


Presenting to you our 12 lucky contestants! We wish them the best of luck and await their amazing transformation.


Do stay tuned to find out who will emerge champions of this challenge!

You can also guess who will be the final winner who lost the most cms off their arms, waist and thighs! One winner who guessed correctly stands to win attractive OSIM prizes! Visit http://goo.gl/rYIGdB to vote now!


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