Now available for download! uInfinity latest massage program – Hug Me

Banner Hug me

Christmas is coming! And a new massage program – “Hug Me” for uInfinity Massage Chair is available for download.

This “Hug Me” program provides you with a comforting embrace to promote physical and emotional well-being. Experience full-body embrace, designed to gently relax and soothe the weary physical body, while promoting emotional well-being by relieving mental stress. This program will let the airbags in uInfinity work in synchrony with light roller actions, accompanied by calming streams of warm air to give a perfect cuddle anytime of the day.

Hug Me print screen

“Hug Me” program is so comforting and gentle, it is suitable for users of all ages. Say I love you this Christmas by “giving” a Healthy Hug to your loved ones using this program, anytime of the day.

Try out this Christmas special uInfinity Massage program at any of our OSIM Singapore outlets and roadshows now!

Visit or uInfinity’s microsite to find out more!


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