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Good Sitting Posture for You!

There are many reasons why everyday people, like you and me would suffer from body aches. Yes yes, the main reason would be your stress coming from the daily grind, the long man-hours you clock at work. Not forgetting coming back home to another round of housework chores (especially for all hardworking Mums out there).

Along the way while we are doing these tasks, we tend not to remember certain important things, like protecting our health and wellness.  Thus in long-term, making ourselves vulnerable to illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles.

For many of us who face the computers on a daily basis, we tend to have bad sitting postures even without being aware of it. Having bad sitting posture at work all day may seem to be minor, but do beware of the long-term effects it may cause!

Here are some tips to prevent you from bad sitting postures:

  1. Raise the computer screen up to your eye-level. You can put some books or empty small boxes below your screen to raise it up!
  2. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your back leaning towards your chair
  3. Support your back with a small cushion
  4. Make sure your chair and table are not too high or low for you. They have to be at a comfortable level, where it’s right for you

So instead of suffering silently, why not be pro-active and take up these healthy tips to make your sitting posture right!


Sunkist is My BFF

It has been a month since I got an early X’mas gift from OSIM. Yes. I’m referring to my uKimono named “Sunkist”, for obvious reasons.

Like a puppy that wags her tail to welcome you when you get home, she stares at me from my couch every evening when I get back. It is as if she is shouting: “Welcome home my mistress! Come let me hug you and shower you with all the love and care I can provide! I can make you look good and ease your aches…”

*Sunkist is bright and cheerful against my black couch. I refuse to remove her protective covers!*

I couldn’t help but flash a smile whenever I see her. If I’m ever caught on hidden camera like those on reality shows, you may all think I have some mental issues. Or translated by Singaporean’s expression, “Siao ah!!”

Seriously, not that I’m unsound or anything, when you are living on your own alone, you wish there is someone or something you can come back to. You want to find comfort and relaxation. You want to have a reason to look forward to coming home.

In this case for me at this moment, it’s Sunkist, especially since last Thursday when I came back after a long horse riding day trip in Johor Bahru Malaysia. Now I know why the cowboys walk the way they do.

I started the day warming up in the paddock for about 90 mins, making sure I cultivate a relationship and understand the horse’s temperaments, and polishing my riding skills left from my last ride. This is very important as it will ensure my safety.

It was a cool cloudy day where Mr. Sun and Mr. Rain took a day off. The weather was excellent! Yet, by the time we stopped for lunch break after practice and warm up session, I was drenched. My riding companion cum secondary school classmate felt so uncomfortable, she headed straight to the bathroom to water off her perspiration.

*Out in the wilds! Rode in the Palm Oil Plantation behind me, before taking a breather. Yeeha!*

Action started after lunch where the master of these horses brought us for a mixture of leisure walk, trot, and cantering in the oil plantation. I recall being more daring in the past, constantly making the horse canter as fast as they can without considering safety issues. Now, I was more concerned about whether I’m riding well so as not to provoke him into throwing me off his back, or worrying whether I’ve worked him too hard (Or maybe working me too hard as my stamina is far from years back).

I was back in the stable safe after an hour, complete with a pair of jelly legs and bruised butt. No catwalk at this juncture. The way I walked was not a sight I want to show any man. It was vulgar. I wonder how beginners of the different gender feels. Anyone has male’s experiences to share? I can do with a laugh! :p

It was such a joy, as I opened my door, to see Sunkist staring at me. Immediately after washing up, I strapped on and did a full body program on all my aching body parts. On my tummy, on my thighs, on my butt, and also on my back.

Yes! You can use your uKimono on your back too! The Swedish massage -like double kneading massage function soothes the aching lower back from my riding. I felt like a princess after the hour long full session. And best of all, I was relieved of my aches and slept like a baby that night.

A darling that Sunkist is, she’s a happy companion that comforts me (just like the little stinky beanie pillow “chow chow” that some of you treasure since infant days), keeps me trim and fit, as well as relieves me of pain. Best of all, she is always there waiting for me. What more can I ask for?

She has been my daily dosage of relaxation for the past week.

Thank you OSIM! I have just voted her as my BFF (Best Friend Forever)!

uDream TV Commercial Shoot

We had a fun time filming our latest commercial for OSIM uDream. Take a first look:

See what goes on behind-the-scenes during the shoot with the uDream family.

Mummy's wish is Daddy's command?

Mummy's wish is Daddy's command?

Sis sits comfortably in her Amber uDream while the adults fuss around her

Sis sits comfortably in her Amber uDream while the adults fuss around her

Sis and Gramps say hi!

Sis and Gramps say cheese!

 We needed to show the transformation of uDream colours in different home settings. The crew needed to move the 5 chairs in and out of the different sets.

3, 2, 1, heave!

3, 2, 1, heave!

Emerald uDream sits best with darker home setting

Emerald uDream sits best with darker home setting

Onyx uDream sits well with practically any home setting

Onyx uDream is suitable for any home setting

 uDream not only comes in different colours to suit different homes, it has unique massage programmes to suit everyone in the family!

Mum: Tender and soft massage with purely airbags gives Mummy the world’s first full body air massage. She also loves the Dreamwave programme which squeezes and rocks her lower body for better alignment.

Dad: Firm and gradual roller massage is perfect for Daddy who loves a deep tissue massage.

Grandpa: The perfect balance between airbags and rollers give Gramps a massage just the way he likes it. Plus the Stretch and Twist programme helps keep him flexible and agile.

Sis: For the first time ever, there is a programme designed specially for the youth, who need to destress as much as the adults.

OSIM uDream makes our dream come true!

OSIM uDream makes our dream come true!

After almost 20 hours of continuous filming, we finally wrapped it up! Here’s a celebration shot!
It's a wrap!

It's a wrap!