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Behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC

(An OSIM exclusive)

Dear Blog readers,

Most of you would have already seen the TVC of OSIM uSoffa Petit. Want to know how the commercial was made? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC featuring Lin Chi Ling!

Chi Ling seated on a uSoffa Petit getting ready for the shoot

Chi Ling checking out the uSoffa Petit in Olive while waiting to get ready

Getting directions from the director

Chi Ling having a fun moment on the set

Having a nice warm cup of coffee while relaxing on uSoffa Petit

Lights, cameras and action! The entire set getting ready for the shoot

After a strenuous stretch of filming, watch the final product of uSoffa Petit TVC with Lin Chi Ling!:

Visit uSoffa Petit’s microsite for more information on the product.