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It doesn’t have to hurt

I had my first foot massage at the ripe age of 33 and fell in love with it. I guess it pretty much helped that the person providing the service was my charming other half.

Something about the combination of sensual touches, sweet smelling lotion and the knowledge that I could totally relax in his safe strong, hands proved lethal.

Yes, to the extent of waking up an hour later and missing out on the ‘shiokness’ of the mellowing session.

I practically slept like a puppy …

This was nothing like the sessions my folks and their friends used to go through at the ubiquitous Chinese foot reflexology parlors. Theirs was often coupled with screams and contorted faces that clearly spelt physical agony.

“It has to hurt to be of any use,” one of the older ladies used to say. “If it’s very painful, that means you have many problems to ‘repair’ in your system!” How many of them put up with this so-called logic, I seriously don’t know and definitely not comprehend. Why does something have to hurt so badly to derive some good in this instance?

When I did my own bit of research online, I came across this statement.

According to many podiatrists, the distress resulting from unattractive feet or toenails can be extreme. Even married patients may try to keep feet hidden from their spouse – sleeping and even having sex with socks on. For individuals who are too embarrassed to enjoy the benefits of a sensual foot massage, it’s important to address the underlying issue – foot appearance.”

That’s such a shame, really… more often than not; I believe that their partners do care more about their physical and mental pleasure than unpleasant –looking feet.  Besides, with a little more care and arsenal of beauty tools to keep their feet looking better, they’ll get to enjoy the beauty of a bonding session through sole massages.

And if all else fails, there’s always this you can fall back on.

OSIM often surprises us with its innovative products and uSqueez Warm is no exception. To tell the truth, I wasn’t too expectant initially. I really didn’t think that by slipping my feet into the slots and activating a few simple buttons could allow it to reach vital pressure points.

But it did! I can imagine this to be the next BFF of heel-loving ladies – pure godsend in the absence of the better half.

The best feature for me has got to be the heat therapy. With my feet slathered with thick Body shop Peppermint foot lotion and nicely wrapped in cotton socks, I was ready for a foot spa.

One session later, my feet actually felt lighter and softer! Call me crazy or what, my next attempt was using my hands ; dried ‘sticks’ tired out from typing away on the keyboard every day.

Know what works really well with this? This is a personal tip from an ex-aircrew colleague which somehow got proliferated due to its wondrous results:

*Mix lemon juice with coarse sugar and scrub away gently at your hands and feet.

*Rinse off with tepid water and soak in warm milk (if you’re in a luxurious mood) for 5 minutes.

*Smother with your favourite hand cream, don socks and get Warm with uSqueez



Most Frequently Asked Questions about uSqueez Warm

 usqueez-warm-for-wordpress  OSIM uSqueez Warm 

Please see below for a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Question #1: What is uSqueez Warm?

It is a stylishly designed leg massager which combines innovative Warm Air Technology to soothe tired muscles and improve blood circulation; Foot rollers to target various health-reflexology points and Squeezing Massagers that totally relax your calves, ankles and feet all at the same time.

Question #2: How can the Warm Air Technology be beneficial?

Warm Air Technology helps to dilate the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients from the body to the legs to keep them healthy and energized. It also flushes out lactic acid and re-energizes your legs to their natural state.


  Question #3: What is roller reflexology massage?

uSqueez Warm has rollers which help to replicate the push and release technique used by professional reflexologists to activate vital reflex points on your soles improving your overall health.

 Question #4: What do you mean by Wrap-Around Power Squeeze?

uSqueez Warm delivers a simultaneous massage to your calves, ankles and feet, tripling the pleasure for maximum effectiveness.
Also, it has a full coverage kneading disc which offers an extra feel-good squeeze to alleviate muscle aches and strain, providing instant relief to your tired legs.

  Question #5: Does uSqueez Warm help to stimulate vital acupressure points?

Yes. The uSqueez Warm has turbo vibration massage which stimulates vital acupressure points to improve blood circulation. It penetrates deep into the muscle layers to ease tension and fatigue.

Question #6: What do the pressure nodes serve to achieve?

The pressure nodes serve to stimulate the reflex points on the soles of your feet. When in vibration mode, these nodes will serve to promote blood circulation, so as to enhance your general well-being.

Question #7: What are the benefits I can get from uSqueez Warm?

For health benefits of uSqueez Warm, click here.   

Question #8: When is the perfect time I can use the uSqueez Warm or best usage recommended?

• After a long hard day at work
• Long Hours of shopping
• Wearing heels all day
• Prolonged standing
• Prolonged sitting in air-conditioned rooms
• Pre and post exercise
• Extended periods of driving
• Cold, clammy feet

Question #9: How often should I use the uSqueez Warm?

We recommend it twice a day, in the morning before you start your day and at night before you go to bed. Some will just use more often like thrice a day just because they enjoy it that much. We also recommend drinking a glass of water after massage to help flush out the lactic acid from your body.
However, please avoid massage 1 hour before and after meal.

Question #10: How is uSqueez Warm different from other foot massagers?

uSqueez Warm is very innovative and has Warm Air Technology to soothe tired muscles and improve blood circulation, Foot Rollers to target various health-reflexology points and Squeezing Massagers that totally relax your calves, ankles and feet, all at the same time.

 Question #11: Is there a timer for all massage modes?

Yes. There is an automatic shut off after 15 minutes of usage for all massage modes. This is the recommended duration for usage.
Question #12: How long should I use the heat function of the uSqueez Warm?

The suggested usage duration is 15 minutes.

Question #13: Is it possible to rotate the uSqueez Warm in a desired position?

Yes. The uSqueez Warm is designed to provide multiple angles of personalized massage for multiple benefits. There is the upright position at 90º, recline at 120º, and fully flat at 180º and you can also make it as your legrest (back of the uSqueez Warm flipped over).

Question #14: How many massage programs are there to suit my different needs?

3 specialized lifestyle programmes to suit your different needs. There is Recharge, Revitalize and Relax.

Question #15: How many colours does uSqueez Warm come in?

The uSqueez Warm comes in two colours, Red and Beige.

Question #16: What are the specifications of the uSqueez Warm?

Voltage Available & Power Consumption

110-60Hz (210W)

Height = 42 cm
Width = 42 cm
Length = 59 cm

Gross= 24 kg
Net= 20.5 kg

Question #17: What is the operating temperature range for the uSqueez Warm?

The operating temperature range for the uSqueez Warm is from 5 to 40 degree Celsius

Question #18: What is the storage temperature for the uSqueez Warm?

The storage temperature for the uSqueez Warm is from -10 to 55 degree Celsius.

Question #19: It’s my first time to get a foot massage. Is it normal to feel a little discomfort when I’m using the uSqueez Warm?

Similar to a visit to the foot masseuse for the first time, you may feel slight discomfort when using a foot massager for the first time.

Question #20: At times my legs feel itchy during and after the massage. Is this normal?

Yes. It is normal that you feel some itchiness on your soles and lower legs. This means that the vibration is enhancing blood circulation in your lower legs, which is good for you.

Question #21: Is it possible to remove or wash the cover where you put your feet in the uSqueez Warm?

Yes. Fabric cover (with zip) is detachable. Simply unzip them to detach from the massager.

Question #22: How to clean the uSqueez Warm properly?

Before cleaning, ensure that the main switch is turned off and the power plug is disconnected from the electrical outlet. Then wipe off dust and dirt from the uSqueez Warm after each use. Please note not to use abrasive cleaning agents line benzene or thinner to clean the uSqueez Warm. Moreover, please keep in mind to use only dry cloth to clean the Control Panel. Damp cloth to clean the control panel of the uSqueez Warm may result in malfunction.

Question #23: If there is a power outage in our building and I’m still using the uSqueez Warm, what should I do?

There is a manual mechanism which allows you to end the squeezing massage.


General Questions:

What is Foot massage?

Massage is the treatment and practice of manipulation of the soft body tissues with physical, functional, i.e. mechanical, medical/therapeutic.

What is Foot Reflexology?
*It is called “pressure therapy” and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. Foot reflexology is based on the premise that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way.

Is foot massage suitable for everyone?

Practically everyone can benefit from a foot massage. Relief for sore and aching muscles and is also beneficial just for maintaining health and well being. Whilst many people use foot massage as a way of relaxing tired feet after a long day of work and counteracting stress,
However, it is also best recommended to check first if you are in poor health, recovering from illness or pregnant.

What are the benefits of a foot massage?

**The most basic benefits are that by receiving foot massage, one can experience relaxation and pain from sore and aching feet. Foot massage can help to release toxins and lactic acid from the body. It’s also a good way of releasing stress and get re-energized.

Sources:   *www.drfoot.co.uk/foot_massage.htm




Stimulating Reflex Points On The Soles Of Your Feet Can Make You Healthier!

Foot reflexologyDid you know that stimulating relex points on the soles of your feet can make you healthier?

Our feet are like the command centre of the entire body, with reflex points that correspond to various organs of the body.  Each foot represents a vertical half of the body and all the organs found there.  Frequent massage of these reflex points benefits the corresponding organs as it helps to relieve tension, encourage the positive flow of energy and put the body in balance, thus improving overall well-being.

If it’s not convenient for you to go for professional foot massages on a regular basis, consider investing in a foot massager.  This is usually more economical than going to a foot spa PLUS it gives you the convenience of a daily foot massage in the comforts of your home.  All at a fraction of the cost.

When selecting foot massagers, it is important to consider the following:

1) Coverage

Coverage refers to the surface area of your leg that comes into contact with the massager. For effective massage of reflex points,  select a good foot massager that gives you a wide coverage.  Wraparound foot massagers provides close contact and are very popular these days.

2) Extra features

Extra features like having a heat function can greatly improve the benefits of the massage session.  The warmth can improve your blood circulation and aid in the recovery process.  This is one feature you will be very grateful for, particularly in winter.    Stick your cold feet into the massager and feel the warmth spread from your legs to the whole body.  Not only does it give you a good massage,  the heat relaxes and comforts the body.

3) Price

Don’t just go for the cheapest massager in the market.  Go for one that delivers the biggest bang.  Example:  If you have to choose between a $200 sole massager and a $500 massager that massages your calves, ankles and feet at the same time + heat, choose the latter. Because when you break it down feature by feature, you’ll find that you’re enjoying more features at lesser cost.

My personal favourite is this one.

Asia’s Most Beautiful Legs

Lin Chi Ling showing off her Asia's Most Beautiful legs.

Lin Chi Ling showing off her Asia's Most Beautiful legs.


We spent a day with Lin Chi Ling to discover how she maintains her healthy, beautiful legs. Here are the tips she shared for all readers and fans out there!


Morning Magic! 9.30 AM

It’s a lovely morning and this equally lovely celebrity gives us a smile as she delivers the general lowdown on what she does to have those precious legs.


Tip!  “I reckon in order to have a pair of beautiful legs, exercise is a must-must!” she says.


She then laid the exercise mat and started off with some stretching and twisting moves to warm up her body muscles before she began her leg exercise that lasted for 15 minutes.


 Then, she moved towards her dressing table where we noticed a uSqueez underneath.


Tri-Action uSqueez Treat! 9.45 AM

Tip!  “Every morning, while putting on make up, I would be at my OSIM uSqueez to revitalize my legs for the day ahead,” she says with a wide grin. “The uSqueez’s Tri-Action massage relaxes and revitalizes not only your feet, but also your calves and ankles all at the same time.”


We’re back at her home. She still looks so beautiful after a busy day. We then ask her, “It’s has been a busy day for you, how do you rejuvenate yourself?”


Home Squeez Home 8.00 PM

“After walking around in my high heels the whole day, I always long to be back in the comfort of my own home to enjoy comforting, relaxing and soothing leg massage. All it takes is 15 minutes and I can feel rejuvenated!”


Tip!  “With 3 specialized lifestyle kneading programmes for your selection, the OSIM uSqueez lets you select the massage to suit your different needs.”


Recharge Programme

Firm and sustained squeeze recharges and re-energises extremely tired feet.


Revitalize Programme

Rhythmic progressive squeeze stimulates vital acupressure points for enhanced well-being.


Relax Programme

Smooth, continuous squeeze relieves and soothes muscles aches.


She gets off the uSqueez and takes a bottle from her dresser.


Moisture Mania 8.30 PM

We give her a quizzical look. She speaks before we ask her what it is. “I usually have to wear high heels and more often than not, the skin on my legs becomes very dry and heel fissures develop as a result. So every night before bedtime, I would moisturize my toes, heels and put on a pair of socks. Of course this therapy is not meant to be done every night. This can be done on alternate weeks.”


Tip!  “Having a healthy diet is as important!” Chi Ling exclaims, “I suggest that you should cut back on foods that are in salt to prevent water retention and fats to avoid cellulite.”


So there you have it- that’s how Asia’s most beautiful legs, Lin Chi Ling maintains her healthy, beautiful legs.



Behind-the-Scenes with Lin Chi Ling


(An OSIM Exclusive Interview)


Lin Chi Ling posing with OSIM uSqueez

Lin Chi Ling posing with OSIM uSqueez

What are you busy with lately?

I’m taking on a new challenge in the movie ‘Red Cliff”. I truly appreciate this opportunity and it’s a brand new experience that I really enjoy.


How was your preparation for your new movie?

Watching Dvds, reading books, observing people- all those tiny things that can enrich my performance. And of course, I keep myself healthy.


Between modeling and acting, which do you prefer and why?

I will have to be greedy and take both.  Modelling is the foundation of my career, and acting is an extension that has taken me to another dimension. I love them both and make the most of my work every time!


Being a celebrity, what is your greatest job satisfaction?

My greatest satisfaction is that modelling in Taiwan is now a lot more recognized and respected than before. I never realized I could bring smiles on so many faces, or be a little influential in any way. Knowing that a sunny outlook and a positive attitude could influence those around you, I shall continue my aim to bring more smiles.


Tell us a little bit more about your ideal partner.

I guess no one could ever be perfect. When you love someone, you learn to love someone, you learn to love what he or she is. I long for a love that is long-lasting, one where you could hold hands at the age of 50-60 and still cherish each other. Soul mate, I think.


Your face is not the only part of you that is well-known.  The other is your legs. Which do you prefer then?

My legs. I take a lot of care to keep my legs relaxed and happy! And, I really owe it to my OSIM uSqueez, which I use everyday to de-stress and tone my legs. Many people do not realize the importance of legs. They carry the weight of the entire body but are often neglected. We all pamper ourselves with facials and body massages but forget about the legs which need maintenance to stay healthy and strong. That’s why I use my uSqueez for 15 minutes on a daily basis.


Why did you choose to work with OSIM to endorse the OSIM uSqueez?

I am serious about the companies and products that I endorse.

When OSIM approached me, I was delighted because not only is OSIM an international brand name, it is also a company that embodies health and fitness, which is so important in a person’s life.


Also, I am a big fan of OSIM . So, it was a very decision to say yes to OSIM .


Upon learning that you are endorsing OSIM uSqueez whereby your legs will be featured a fair deal, did you undergo any sort of routine or treatment?

Normally, I would focus on exercising and massaging my legs to promote good blood circulation. And, upon learning that I’ve been picked as the endorser, I took extra precautions to take care of my legs. I even went on pampering legs treatment package to ensure the best results whilst shooting the commercial.


Did you control your diet or fluid intake so as to prepare yourself for the shoot the day before?

It is imperative to maintain your body in the best condition while shooting. Hence, I have to conscientiously ensure that I lead maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent ‘water retention’, I actually soak my legs in a hot bath before heading out. And, upon arriving at the scene, I even use the OSIM uSqueez to relax my tensed muscles.


How much do you spend on average in order to maintain the beauty of your legs?

Ha-ha! I never really take that into account. However, I have to say that taking care of your legs is as important as taking care of your face! Because your legs bring you to places!


What do you think of stilettos/heels? Are they a woman’s friend or foe?

If you take care of your legs, they are your best friend. However, heels will increase the pressure on your calves. Therefore, ladies out there, you must always know how to relax and pamper your legs.