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OSIM uSoffa – Full Body Massage Sofa

Dear Blog readers,

With the success of OSIM uSoffa Petit, OSIM is proud to bring you the OSIM uSoffa – Full Body Massage Sofa.

OSIM uSoffa is a Massage Sofa which has customisable full-body pleasures just for you after a hard day’s at work!

1) Comprehensive Full-Back Massage

Sit back and melt into your uSoffa as you experience a relaxing massage on your back. Allow the rollers to knead, tap and roll against your back, relieving fatigue, aches and strains accumulated over the day.

2) Relax Your Butt and Thighs

After a long day sitting at the desk, give your butt and thighs some welcomed relief. Loosen them up with a true-to-life air pressure massage for maximum relaxation.

3) Revitalise Your Calves, Ankles and Feet

The firm kneading motions of airbags, along with the soothing vibrations and reflexology nodes improve circulation and give instant relief to your thighs, calves and feet simultaneously.

To know more about the OSIM uSoffa, visit http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx or visit our OSIM outlets / roadshows today to find out more!


March Birthday Event (Part 2)

In our second installation of March Birthday Event at ION Orchard Chair Inspirations, our birthday guests were treated with our uSoffa Petits and yummy refreshments (together with a surprise birthday song!).

View our videos that we’ve took for the birthday celebration event:

Watch as our guests sing Happy Birthday song!

Feng Shui Master Khor in action as our guests were treated with the comfortable OSIM uSoffa Petit!

Take a look at part two of the event’s photos!:

Read our next post entry to find out more on palmistry and lucky colours!

Spend CNY with OSIM uSoffa Petit!

Dear Blog readers,

How was your long weekend? Hope it went well! Today’s the fourth day of the Lunar New Year and this means that there would be more home-visiting and more goodies to come!

I’m sure by now most of your homes would be nicely decked in fresh auspicious colours to bring in good luck for the entire year! To blend in with your home decor, the fresh 5 colours of OSIM uSoffa Petit would be an excellent idea to beautify and style your home while you host your dinner parties. Not only would it be a good home design piece to boost, it is also a comfortable massage sofa to rest and relax on – making it a cosy space for family & friends to mingle and catch up with!

The uSoffa Petit in Red brings in good luck and not only does it wards off evil, it brings vibrancy into one’s life! How about uSoffa Petit in Purple? Not only does it attracts wealth but it helps to improve the energy of the area when you place it in your living space!

The uSoffa Petit in Tangerine and Cocoa brings in warmth to your living room!

The uSoffa Petit in Olive represents good health for family members, it represents lush growth and rebirth of springtime!

The inviting 5 colours of uSoffa Petit blends in nicely with any home decor design that you have!

Visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/uSoffaPetit/ for more on uSoffa Petit.

Feng Shui DIY for uSoffa Petit

Good day dear Blog readers!

Lunar New Year is just around the corner! Is everyone excited about it? Well I am!

Every Lunar New Year, it is almost mandatory to clean your house, re-paint your walls and even do some minor re-shifting of furnitures. This is how Feng Shui Colours come in handy. The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui can tell you which colours will invite beneficial energies into your home and your life. You could follow feng shui to improve your luck this Lunar New Year!

Here are some very interesting feng shui tips on colours that would help you and your family:

Get to know more about Feng Shui colours on SELF, Creativity, Knowledge & Spirituality, Travel & Helpful people over here!

Do print out your own Bagua map to do a Feng Shui DIY for your own home! Step-by-step instructions would be given on how to use the bagua map correctly. Visit our microsite to find out more!

Behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC

(An OSIM exclusive)

Dear Blog readers,

Most of you would have already seen the TVC of OSIM uSoffa Petit. Want to know how the commercial was made? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC featuring Lin Chi Ling!

Chi Ling seated on a uSoffa Petit getting ready for the shoot

Chi Ling checking out the uSoffa Petit in Olive while waiting to get ready

Getting directions from the director

Chi Ling having a fun moment on the set

Having a nice warm cup of coffee while relaxing on uSoffa Petit

Lights, cameras and action! The entire set getting ready for the shoot

After a strenuous stretch of filming, watch the final product of uSoffa Petit TVC with Lin Chi Ling!:

Visit uSoffa Petit’s microsite for more information on the product.