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How to enjoy your OSIM uSoffa Family Set

With the OSIM uSoffa Family Set, you are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life differently! Be it listening to music or enjoying your favourite hobby, you are able to do so with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set.

Here, we tell you how to enjoy your OSIM uSoffa Family Set in 6 different ways!

Music + Massage

Music + Massage

If you love music, then OSIM uSoffa would be a good choice! Sit in and relax with your tunes, while you enjoy the soothing full body massage of the OSIM uSoffa.

Hobby + Massage

Hobby + Massage

Are you looking for your personal space just to engage in your favourite activities? With the OSIM uSoffa Petit, not only can you spend more private time doing the things you like, you can also indulge in its comforting lower body massage!

Entertainment + Massage

Entertainment + Massage

How about watching your favourite TV programmes or movies on the comfortable OSIM uSoffa? It sure sounds good to me! Imagine relaxing while you let OSIM uSoffa do the massage for you!

Make up + Massage

Make-up + Massage

For all ladies out there, this one’s for you! How about allowing OSIM uSoffa Petit to soothe your tired calves & massage your lower body while you put on your make-up? This makes putting on make-up much relaxing & fun!

Chat + Massage

Chat + Massage

Chatting with your friends or loved ones could be great, but wouldn’t it be better when you can get a full body massage while engaging in a deep conversation on the phone?

Doing your favourite activity + Massage

Doing your favourite activity + Massage

Indulging yourself in your favourite activity with a friend is always fun. Share your joy with your friend by using the OSIM uSoffa Family Set with her!


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Enjoy uSoffa Family Set with Bryan Wong & Mark Lee!

See how TV hosts Bryan Wong and Mark Lee compete with each other while they enjoy the soothing comforts of OSIM uSoffa Family Set (OSIM uSoffa + OSIM uSoffa Petit):

Both Bryan Wong and Mark Lee are well-known hosts for local TV show Home Decor (Bai Jia Le). Watch as they comically compete with each other in this TVC, while they let you know how effective the uSoffa Family Set works for each of your day-to-day activities.

Bryan Wong and Mark Lee are definitely not missing out on something good, as comfort is meant to be shared!

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To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

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For more, visit any of our OSIM outlets or roadshows today!

Want total relaxation & style for a price that is too good to be true?

Well, now you could have it all with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set. The OSIM uSoffa Family Set consists of the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. Now, this combination of uSoffa and uSoffa Petit is truly a dream come true for all of us! Why? Because with this, you are enjoying the best of both worlds: total relaxation of a full-body massage from the uSoffa and style with massage comfort with the uSoffa Petit!

Lin Chi Ling on OSIM uSoffa!

Firstly, the uSoffa gives you total relaxation that not only helps you to relax your aching muscles, but it also reduces your stress level and tiredness. The greatness of the roller and airbag massage on your back & seat, makes you addicted to the uSoffa naturally! Also, the kneading, vibration & roller massage for your calves, ankles & feet do give you the deserved comfort for your tired legs after a long day of work.

Look how versatile the OSIM uSoffa Petit is! U can blend it with any home decor!

So how about the uSoffa Petit? The uSoffa Petit gives you a great lower body massage experience, this includes the leg massage (kneading massage to your tired calves, ankles & feet) & life-like massage with airbags that is gentle yet firm. The uSoffa Petit is compact yet stylish, thus it is so easy to complement it with the style of any home.

OSIM uSoffa Family Set

One of the reasons why our customers love the OSIM uSoffa Family Set is because it’s so good-looking that you can simply blend them in to any living space! Another reason is due to its affordable price: uSoffa Family Set is SGD 2,988! This means that you are paying a good affordable price for two massage sofas at a price of one!

So hurry, you are definitely missing out on something good if you have not tried both the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. For more, do visit any OSIM outlets / roadshows to experience the OSIM uSoffa Family Set today!

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uSoffa Petit in your Home!

Dear blog readers,

Want to see how you can blend uSoffa Petit in your home? Try some of these wonderful ideas in this video, where we show you how versatile uSoffa Petit really is!

After watching this video, don’t you just feel that you could almost do anything on your uSoffa Petit? Be it being in front of your working desk or dresser table, or simply just lounging around listening to your favourite pop song or flipping through magazines, you could do it all with uSoffa Petit!

Want to know more on uSoffa Petit? Please visit http://www.osim.com/SG/uSoffaPetit/ or any of our OSIM outlets / roadshows today to find out more!

OSIM uSoffa – Full Body Massage Sofa

Dear Blog readers,

With the success of OSIM uSoffa Petit, OSIM is proud to bring you the OSIM uSoffa – Full Body Massage Sofa.

OSIM uSoffa is a Massage Sofa which has customisable full-body pleasures just for you after a hard day’s at work!

1) Comprehensive Full-Back Massage

Sit back and melt into your uSoffa as you experience a relaxing massage on your back. Allow the rollers to knead, tap and roll against your back, relieving fatigue, aches and strains accumulated over the day.

2) Relax Your Butt and Thighs

After a long day sitting at the desk, give your butt and thighs some welcomed relief. Loosen them up with a true-to-life air pressure massage for maximum relaxation.

3) Revitalise Your Calves, Ankles and Feet

The firm kneading motions of airbags, along with the soothing vibrations and reflexology nodes improve circulation and give instant relief to your thighs, calves and feet simultaneously.

To know more about the OSIM uSoffa, visit http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx or visit our OSIM outlets / roadshows today to find out more!

March Birthday Event (Part 1)

(OSIM Exclusive)

It’s been our pleasure earlier this month to invite our exclusive customers to our March Birthday Celebration event. This birthday celebration event was specially held to thank our exclusive customers for their long-time support, and also most importantly to celebrate their birthdays with us!

Together, each of them brought a friend along for this celebration. Just for this birthday event, we have specially invited Feng Shui Master Khor to give each of our guests an insight on palmistry and how what colours would invite beneficial energies into their lives. This Feng Shui session with Master Khor was an instant hit and soon, our guests were warmed up and were actively participating and discussing about Feng Shui and palmistry.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful photos of the event which was held over at Chair Inspirations @ ION Orchard Level 4:

The uSoffa Petits were specially brought in for our guests to relax on

Getting ready all the colourful uSoffa Petits!

Feng Shui Master Khor getting ready for the palmistry talk

With the arrival of our guests, Master Khor starts introducing astro-palmistry & Feng Shui

Master Khor demonstrating the different insights of palmistry to one of our guests

While seated comfortably on our uSoffa Petits, our guests enjoyed lower body massage while listening to Master Khor

Master Khor defining the interesting different lines on our palms and the meaning of each

Our guests having their personalised palm reading by Master Khor

Our guests were treated with delicious refreshments and specially prepared birthday cupcakes!

Some of our guests tried out our other massage chairs of uDream, uYogga and uDesire

Group photo of our March Birthday customers!

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for all!


At the end of the event, I took this opportunity to interview some of the birthday guests to ask them some questions. Let’s see what they think about this event!

Birthday guest: Shu Fen

How do you feel about this uSoffa Petit Birthday Event?

Shu Fen: I find this birthday event interesting. I’ve enjoyed myself!

Is the Feng Shui talk a good experience and relevant to you?

Shu Fen: Yes, I do find this Feng Shui talk by Master Khor very helpful and familiar

Do you know about uSoffa Petit before this event?

Shu Fen: I know that Lin Chi Ling is the spokesperson for this uSoffa Petit. Yes, I do know. I understand that uSoffa Petit is good for chit-chatting and having coffee while relaxing on it, just like Lin Chi Ling in the ad!

Do you find the uSoffa Petit comfortable?

Shu Fen: Yeah, the massage for the lower body is very comfortable!

In future would you be interested to attend OSIM events like this again?

Shu Fen: Yes sure, I will come again!

Birthday guest: Linda

What do you think about this uSoffa Petit Birthday Event so far? Are you enjoying yourself?

Linda: I find it very interesting and I do learn something new today. Palmistry is something new to me and I’ve not known anything about palmistry before this event!

You are currently sitting on a uSoffa Petit, what do you think about this massage sofa?

I think it gives you a good massage especially for my legs. Our legs are important because we walk everyday. This massage makes me feel good on my calves, ankles and feet. And I do like it because uSoffa Petit is small and not a huge sofa.

There are so many colours of uSoffa Petit! Which colours do you like best?

I love the uSoffa Petit in Red and Purple!

In future would you be interested to attend OSIM events like this again?

Overall I find this birthday event interesting and helpful! Oh yes I would love to come again, I would love to bring a friend too!


To find out more on this Birthday Celebration event and how Feng Shui helps you with beneficial energies in your life, do stay tuned here on our blog for Part 2 of our March Birthday event!

Dealing with Stress and Headaches

Can’t fight away your stressfulness and tired mind? This means that your hectic lifestyle may be too much to handle! By lightening your load, it would do you good! Follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable and stress-free lifestyle.

  • Learn to be organised – Try starting each day with a To-Do List. Start by highlighting those tasks that are urgent. Strike each task off the list and feel satisfied after doing so!
  • Manage your time wisely – Everyone has 24 hours a day. Why some people could live each day to the fullest and why some struggle to get by? Time management is the key to a successful life. I find this quote by Michael Althsuler very useful, keep it in mind: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
  • Sleep sufficiently – Sleep replenishes your energy, skin and body! So make sure your sleep is plentiful each day! The best time to sleep is definitely before midnight and get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep!
  • Learn to delegate – If your workload is really over-flowing, one good way is to delegate some of your work to your team mates. This way, more work could be done at a quicker pace!
  • Let the music heal your mind and body – Who can live without music? Well, definitely not me! Music helps to calm one’s mind and reduces your stress level. Try listening to soothing music for 15 to 20 minutes during your free time, and it would do wonders!

Besides these steps, it is also important to target at specific acupressure points on your head and neck to effectively relieve tension caused by stress and fatigue. Choose OSIM uCrown 2* to give you a better head massage for relaxation and better well-being.

Benefits of OSIM uCrown 2 :

  • Wider head massage coverage for maximum relaxation.
  • Better stimulation at key acupressure points to relieve tension.
  • Quicker recovery from stress and headache.

*Get a free OSIM uVision with every purchase of OSIM uCrown 2. Offer vaild till 31 Mar 2010. Other Terms & Conditons apply.

Find out more on OSIM uCrown 2 at http://www.osim.com/SG/product/ucrown2.aspx