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How to enjoy your OSIM uSoffa Family Set

With the OSIM uSoffa Family Set, you are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life differently! Be it listening to music or enjoying your favourite hobby, you are able to do so with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set.

Here, we tell you how to enjoy your OSIM uSoffa Family Set in 6 different ways!

Music + Massage

Music + Massage

If you love music, then OSIM uSoffa would be a good choice! Sit in and relax with your tunes, while you enjoy the soothing full body massage of the OSIM uSoffa.

Hobby + Massage

Hobby + Massage

Are you looking for your personal space just to engage in your favourite activities? With the OSIM uSoffa Petit, not only can you spend more private time doing the things you like, you can also indulge in its comforting lower body massage!

Entertainment + Massage

Entertainment + Massage

How about watching your favourite TV programmes or movies on the comfortable OSIM uSoffa? It sure sounds good to me! Imagine relaxing while you let OSIM uSoffa do the massage for you!

Make up + Massage

Make-up + Massage

For all ladies out there, this one’s for you! How about allowing OSIM uSoffa Petit to soothe your tired calves & massage your lower body while you put on your make-up? This makes putting on make-up much relaxing & fun!

Chat + Massage

Chat + Massage

Chatting with your friends or loved ones could be great, but wouldn’t it be better when you can get a full body massage while engaging in a deep conversation on the phone?

Doing your favourite activity + Massage

Doing your favourite activity + Massage

Indulging yourself in your favourite activity with a friend is always fun. Share your joy with your friend by using the OSIM uSoffa Family Set with her!


Visit here to see the OSIM uSoffa Family Set!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa_petit.aspx

For more, visit any of our OSIM outlets or roadshows today!


Behind-the-scenes with Bryan and Mark

(OSIM Exclusive)

Watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes photos that we’ve took while Bryan Wong and Mark Lee get ready for the TVC shoot of OSIM uSoffa Family Set! Look at the amount of hard work plus fun while getting everything ready from start to finish for the TVC:

Getting the lightings and make up ready!

Watch as Bryan Wong display his acting chops!

Bryan relaxing on the comfortable OSIM uSoffa

Funnyman Mark Lee getting his pose right for the shoot

Mark posing with the camera while sitting on the OSIM uSoffa Petit

Getting ready for the night scene

The guys and the crew enjoying some snacks after all the hard work!

Bryan and Mark sitting on their uSoffa Petit & uSoffa respectively

Want to watch the final product? See it here!

OSIM uSoffa Family Set

Dear blog readers,

What do you get when you combine uSoffa Petit and uSoffa? Introducing OSIM uSoffa Family Set, where you could have the best of both worlds! With uSoffa Family Set, it gives you and your family a reason to spend more time together while enjoying the comforts of a soothing massage. Plus, it is so good-looking that you wouldn’t really want to take your eyes off it!

uSoffa Family Set in Tangerine

OSIM uSoffa gives you comprehensive Full-Body Massage, relieving fatigue, aches and strains, while OSIM uSoffa Petit gives you comfort and style with its versatile functionality and compact design. So whether you & your loved ones are watching TV or simply lounging around, you know you can always count on uSoffa Family Set to give you a good time!

Visit here to see the Family Set for yourself!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa_petit.aspx

Spinal Health Talk @ ION Chair Inspirations

Dear blog readers,

Some of our exclusive OSIM customers were invited to our Spinal Health Talk last Friday at Chair Inspirations (located at ION Orchard Level 4). We invited Dr Andrew Ching (Doctor of Chiropractic of Arc of Life Chiropractic Centre) who spoke to the audience more about spinal health. 

Take a look at the photos from the health talk:

Dr Andrew Ching telling the guests more on their spinal health

Dr Andrew Ching explaining more on chiropractic to our guests

A guest getting a complimentary postural health check

Our guest using OSIM iCheck 500 to measure blood pressure

Trying out our OSIM uSoffa!

Our guest trying out our OSIM uDream

At the end of the talk, our guests were pleased to have a complimentary postural analysis done specially for each of them.  This health talk is indeed beneficial to our guests, as they learnt more on the knowledge of backaches, spinal health and chiropractic.