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Behind the scenes of National Day TVC

National Day is here again! This year, we plan to celebrate our Nation’s birthday by having a TVC to tell everyone how much we love Singapore.

Here are some of the exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of what happened during the shoot.

Setting up in progress!

Setting up in progress!

Finding the perfect angle for our uAngel Massage sofa

Finding the perfect angle for our uAngel Massage sofa

While the adults work, the kids played with their toys while waiting

While the adults work, the kids played with their toys while waiting

They even have coloring materials to keep them occupied!

They even have coloring materials to keep them occupied!

So, how do you find their drawings?

So, how do you find their drawings?

Our staff QC-ing the scene before the shoot starts

Our staff QC-ing the scene before the shoot starts

Seems like the Director likes our uSlender Slim Belt a lot too!

Seems like the Director likes our uSlender Slim Belt a lot too!

Snacks while working?

Snacks while working?

Not forgetting to humidify their surroundings while shooting.

Not forgetting to humidify their surroundings with OSIM uMist Baby Air humidifier while shooting.

Look at the number of mosquitoes we caught during the day of shoot! "DENGUE ALERT!"

Look at the number of mosquitoes we caught during the day of shoot! “DENGUE ALERT!”

Last minute touch ups before the shoot begins

Last minute touch ups before the shoot begins

Doesn't this photo makes you want to be at home with your loved ones as well?

Doesn’t this photo makes you want to be at home with your loved ones as well?

Our NDP TVC will be aired next week starting from 15 July, so stay tuned our local channels or our Facebook page!

Once again, we wish Singapore a Happy 48th National Day! We love you, Singapore!








Behind the Scene with Vivian and Kate

We recently started airing our uDivine App TVC featuring Kate Pang and Vivian Lai on various channels. Have you seen it?

Anyway, this shoot took us, the artistes and the production team one full day (and more! from 830am till 1am the next day!). However, even till the last minute of the shoot, everyone was still so chirpy and no one seems to be tired at all! Especially the 2 artistes, both of them made our whole set so lively.

Let’s check out the Behind the scene of our shoot for our uDivine App TVC!

Our set-up for the shoot!

Vivian getting her hair made up before the shoot

Kate getting ready for the shoot as well

Our dear Kate trying out the uDivine App massage chair

Vivian looks happy to be on our uDivine App massage chair

Let the shoot begin!

Having high tea while shooting?

The rundown for our TVC

The director is very serious when it comes to work

As well as all of our production staff

Kate Pang sharing with us how much she likes the uDivine App Massage chair. Stay tuned to our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OSIMSG for the video!

Kate and Vivian never fail to cheer the whole crew up with their expressions!

Vivian trying our uDivine App together with the iPad

After a day of shoot, here’s our first version of the Star Choices TVC.















Kimberly Chia’s Behind the Scene with OSIM

I am sure you have seen Kimberly’s posters in our outlets islandwide. We just can’t get enough of this doe-eyed, pretty (and not to mention very young) up and coming actress. Just having her in our studio, livens the environment and she brought so much energy with her chirpy self.

Okay, enough of us talking here cause we know you are here to see some of her exclusive behind the scene shots. Here we go…

Getting her makeup on before the shoot begins

Kimberly posing with our uCozy neck and shoulder massager

Looking like her usual self – KAWAIIIIIII!

Spot our uRelax back massager behind Kimberly

“Take 5” time

Guess what product Kimberly is posing with now? YES! It’s our uPebble leg massager!

After a day of hard work, the shoot wrapped up with sooooo many gorgeous photos for us to choose

And the day ended with us chatting non-stop with Kimberly

The other day, we had an interview session with Kimberly Chia at our OSIM HQ. It was more of an informal chatting session where we catch up with her latest dramas, movies and things she’s busy with recently.

It was such a joy interviewing Kimberly as she’s so chatty and so expressive. Not a second were we bored by her. The video for this interview will be up soon in our Facebook page HERE. So be sure to “LIKE” our page to stay tuned to our latest updates of Kimberly!

So, here you go! The long-awaited exclusive photos of the interview session with Kimberly Chia.

Kimberly listening very intently while we brief her on the day’s rundown

I know you are all super interested in what she said during this interview by now

As she explains to us how convenient the uRelax and uCozy is. “I can even have a massage while reading!”

“After a long day of filming, my legs would be so sore!”

“But no worries! I have the uPebble now! So small and portable i can bring it everywhere.”

The 3 MUST-HAVE (uCozy, uRelax and uPebble) for long hours in front of the desk

How about a present from Kimberly?

Hmmmm. Can you guess what is it?

Fret not, this will not be the last of Kimberly’s updates from us. Remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page (OSIM SG) for more of Kimberly from us!

To know more about the 3 products Kimberly is endorsing, visit OSIM.com

Space-saving tips to place uDivine at Home!

Here are some home decor ideas on how to place your OSIM uDivine in different apartment scenarios to save space, while not compromising good design!

OSIM uDivine fits in any home – whether you are living in a studio apartment or a 5-room flat!

To find out more on OSIM uDivine, visit http://www.osim.com/SG/product/udivine_blue.aspx or any OSIM outlets or roadshows today!

OSIM uDivine Party 天王派对(8th October 2011) – It hasn’t ended just yet!

This week would be our 4th uDivine Party 天王派对 and lovely Joanne was the lucky host this week!  As usual, our lively DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were present to liven up the atmosphere! The special guest for this week was famous local geomancer, Master Dong Nong Zheng.

OSIM uDivine owner, Joanne and her son welcome our chirpy DJs Fenying and LeeLian!

Master Dong Nong Zheng dishes out helpful fengshui tips to Joanne on how to improve her health and wealth upon. To increase your wealth, Master Dong Nong Zheng advises to position your uDivine to the north-west side of your home.

Master Dong is having a good time too! He advises our guests not to put uDivine near sunlight, or near windy areas of the home, especially under a ceiling fan and bathroom areas.

Tasty treats were served! Children and adults alike find them extremely delightful!

FenYing and LeeLian host the live broadcast of the uDivine Party on 972FM!

What's an OSIM uDivine Party without exciting gifts? Lucky guests walk away with hampers worth more than $500 each!

And now, to the highlight of the party – our OSIM uDivine Massage Chair! Let’s see what the guests have to say about the OSIM uDivine.

Joanne - The uDivine has in-built system that would detect and scan my back and shoulder, giving a massage fit for the shape and position of my back and shoulder. The massage feels like it was designed for me! And it always managed to reach the vital spot, effectively relieving the tension and stress built up for the day.

Mr.Lee - As an engineer, I am required to walk around worksites frequently. At the end of the day, I may even have cramps in my tired calves and thighs! The uDivine massage relaxes my calves and thigh muscles, giving me uninterrupted nights of good sleep!

Mr Tan - Being a teacher specializing in Physical Education requires me to work out a lot! The uDivine massage relieves tensed muscles and keeps me energised for the rest of the day.

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Joanne and the delighted party guests cheer for the uDivine!

Watch the party cheers from all the uDivine parties and vote for the best! You may just walk away with an OSIM $500 voucher!

OSIM Throws The Third uDivine Party 天王派对!

It’s the third week of the uDivine parties and we were just getting warmed up! Last Saturday, we threw another uDivine party for our third lucky host – Annie! Our bubbly DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were there to entertain Annie’s guests, together with MediaCorp artiste Huang Wen Yong.

OSIM uDivine owner, Annie and her husband welcome the cheery duo – Violet Fenying and LeeLian!

Huang Wen Yong arrives, still as suave as ever!

The party guests were in high spirits while exquisite savouries are served.

Celebrity guest, Huang Wen Yong, is the life of the party as he entertained the guests with games and goofy antics.

OSIM gift hampers worth more than $500 each are presented to the lucky guests of the night.

Of course, the star of the party was the OSIM uDivine! The guests could not get enough of it!

Enjoying the comfort only a uDivine massage could provide, Huang Wen Yong almost dozes off! *Tsk tsk*

Mr Koh Chuay Huay – My back muscles are always very stiff but I’m too busy for a massage. Now with uDivine, everyone can enjoy relaxing massages in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Madam Lily Ang – I’m a big fan of uDivine’s leg massage programme! The warm and human-like massages help my legs feel relaxed.

Mr Ang Lian Seng – I personally like the Senior Massage programme most because it fulfills the needs of the elderly.

When asked to rate the OSIM uDivine天王椅, Huang Wen Yong says, “FULL MARKS for the uDivine 天王椅!”

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Annie and her party guests cheer for the uDivine!

And that was it! Watch this space for updates on more OSIM uDivine parties!

Oliva Ong at OSIM uPapa Music Sync Press Conference

OSIM latest endorser, Olivia Ong was in Taiwan earlier last month for OSIM uPapa Music Sync press conference.
Check out Oliva in these exclusive press conference photos!

Reporters are treated with a pampering experience with the uPapa Music Sync!

Oliva comes on stage to greet the exciting crowd

Oliva interacts with her supporter and encourages him to put on the uPapa Music Sync!

Check out the uPapa Music Sync in Red! With matching red earphones too!

Everyone's enjoying the soothing massage of uPapa Music Sync!

Olivia's enjoying to the music while having a relaxing massage!

uPapa Music Sync
Music Synchronised Massage for Neck & Shoulders

OSIM uPapa Music Sync - The world's 1st Music Synchronised Massage for Neck & Shoulders

The Music Synchronised Massage Technology in uPapa Music Sync transforms your favourite music into a simultaneous massage for your body, relaxing both you mind and aching muscles.

The powerful drumming from uPapa Music Sync‘s symmetrical double-point drum-massagers provides deep tissue relief, loosening your stiff muscles to improve blood circulation and make you feel more energised after each massage.

For more information on uPapa Music Sync, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/upapa_music_sync.aspx