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S.H.E Is Coming To Town (18 April 2010)

S.H.E is coming to visit us again! Relive your love for S.H.E on 18 April 2010 🙂

When: 18 April 2010, 3pm

Where: Plaza Singapura, The Atrium

Who: Holders of uKimono Mini Diary (Mini version of the uKimono Diary)

How: With every purchase of the new OSIM uKimono Mini, you will be given a uKimono Mini Diary.

Introducing the all new uKimono Mini

The uKimono Mini Diary will be your passport to the S.H.E autograph session at Plaza Singapura on 18 April. Only limited places available. If you don’t want to risk your chances, be sure to be early! (*Psst* We have seen fans queueing up as early as the night before!)

uKimono Mini Diary given with every purchase of uKimono Mini

Here are some scenes from the last session:

 We hope to see all of you there!


Lazy women deserve a second chance

“There’s no time to exercise, I don’t even have time for pee breaks!”

“Exercise makes me tired.”

“Stilettos crippled my toes; I can’t jog to save my life.”

“My muscles ache too much.”

“I’ll rather skip lunch.”

“Err, aren’t night time sessions good enough?”

Sounds familiar?  Well, if lazy and highly stressed women deserve a second chance, then I think it would have to come in the form of this.When I popped down the store last month, I was stumped as 3 yummy colours bade welcomingly at my fats. Er, at me.

Trust a woman’s senses to run amok in the presence of pretty colours and designs.

uKimono 3 colours

“So which colour has been the most popular? Has uKimono been selling well? ” I queried, knowing the second question came as a no brainer. But what the heck.

According to the polite young gentleman serving us, all colours have their fans.  A tremendous deal of research was conducted before deciding on the colours and design. Well done. I’m sold based on aesthetics alone. Five stars for the pretty daisy motifs.

But my main concern was – how is this pretty-looking ‘waist pouch’ going to help me?

When is the earliest I could see results? When and how often can I use it? How can the fabric be washed?  What is the shelf life? Do I need to replace the battery? Can I use it on a full stomach? What about heavy days?

Will OSIM be coming out with a cordless version?!

Why is the uKimono more expensive than the uZap?

Yes, I’m not the easiest customer to deal with, but hey, it’s only fair that I get the lowdown on what goes onto my body right?

I went straight for maximum power. Don’t you just tingle with breathless excitement when you anticipate the effects of something that promises to nail down your 35 year-old problems?

The initial sensation was a tad startling. It felt weird. Ticklish. Kinda like having an alien object burrowing its way towards the inner layer of fat on my tummy. A few minutes later, I got accustomed to the vibration/kneading and relaxed.

I must have over relaxed. The next thing I knew, my bladder was doing its own vibrating. I realised that prior instructions to pee before usage had slipped my mind.

Damn. I rushed to the little girls’ room before resuming.  To make my baby work harder, I decided to do the horse stance at the same time. 15 minutes later, I dutifully gulped down a large glass of warm water to clear the toxins.

Interestingly, many uKimono users experienced the same effects and have since ‘wised up’. Some Tweeted about the initial itchy sensation. It’s the sleepy muscles waking up, so says the OSIM staff. Others felt that 10 mins was far too short a session. They wonder if prolonged usage on a specific area could cause possible side effects. One even panicked after falling asleep while using his uKimono, not knowing that it stops automatically after each cycle!

Personally, it was a case of alternating between different areas of the body before coming back to where I first started. I have a simple top-to-bottom system that covers my tummy, thighs and butt in that order, so that after a 30 minute cycle, I can ‘safely’ go back to my tummy attack again. On days when time was more of essence than ever, at least I know that one full cycle has been covered. The guilt factor as well!

I believe the users can be grouped into 2 larger camps – one which depend totally on the slimming product while throwing calorie charts into the trash bin. Another will be those who would physiologically be affected into eating less and injecting forms of exercise into their routine, so as to maximise their investment.

Do you belong to either?

Useful Health Workouts

Dear blog readers, once again OSIM brings you useful health tips that you could use to make your life a healthier and better one!

Regular massages complement well with regular workouts. Workouts not only help to keep you in shape, but also lower your stress level. Try out these following workouts to complement with your massages:

  • Lie face up with legs on the floor and arms extended behind you, palms up. Lift left leg and right arm. Grab ankle as you twist upper body and turn head slightly to the left. Hold for 1 count. Switch sides to complete 1 rep. Do 5 to 7 reps.
  • Lie on your left. Cross your arms in front of chest, legs straight, feet together. Roll onto your back, place hands on the floor behind hips and sit up as you draw your knees toward your chest.
  • Lower your legs to floor as you turn and lie on your right side. Repeat back to left side to complete 1 rep. Do 5 reps.

You could choose to do these workouts after your massage sessions and they do complement nicely with your new uKimono too! So after a recommended 20 minutes of uKimono session, go challenge yourself with these workouts to make sure that you have a slimmer and toned silhouette.

So unless your idea of exercising is running down for your bus every single workday morning (like me), you know you’ve got to do something about it! Go try this out today and see the difference in your fitness level.

Testimonial from Juanna Lee about OSIM uRobic

Juanna, posing with OSIM uRobic.

Juanna, posing with the OSIM uRobic.


How did you know about the uRobic?

I got to know about the uRobic when it first came out in the stores, I think it’s one of the electrical stores and they have this video playing and what attracted me was the video because the equipment looks like the iGallop. But it has the twisting motion and it looks really easy.


What were your expectations of the uRobic?


Actually I didn’t really expect much because it’s just a twisting motion and it looks really easy. So I didn’t expect it could actually help me lose anything at all. I just find it a bit fun. It looks a bit interesting.


What workouts did you do on the uRobic?


My favorite is the walking motion, like the running pose with the legs lifted up. I feel like it’s really easy but you can feel the tension on the arms, on the tummy and on the thigh and legs when you lift up your legs. But it’s really easy movements, it’s just a repetitive movement and you do feel tired after some time.


How effective was the uRobic? Did it meet your expectations?


I lost 2 inches off my waist as measured and it was a surprise to me .


What changes have you noticed after using the uRobic? (Cite actual statistics i.e. lost 2 inches on hips, or attitude change i.e. more confident to wear bikini).


After the exercise, I noticed that I don’t feel that hungry during my daily routine.


How would you rate the performance of the uRobic? (Rate from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, elaborate reason for such rating).


4, because it’s a sitting down equipment and maybe for myself I prefer standing and moving. Because sitting down it feels like the butt doesn’t really work out that much.


Would you recommend the uRobic to others? Why?


I actually recommended to my friends because this equipment you can put it in front of your TV and you just sit on it and just do. Or probably before bedtime or when you get up, you just sit on it and you do your thing.

OSIM uRobic Interview with Winnie Yap

Pose for the Camera! Winnie,taking her solo shot photo with OSIM uRobic.

Pose for the Camera! Winnie,taking her solo shot photo with the OSIM uRobic.


What convinced you to use the uRobic?

I actually wanted to slim down for quite a long time already but lets say if I work it out at the gym or what, I’d have to walk out of the house. So, I think the uRobic is quite useful and I can watch TV while I use it at home. Because it’s more convenient and then I can have my shower right after that.


What were your expectations of the uRobic?


I was aiming to have a slender waist and of course together with the weights attached to it then I will have a, maybe slim down of the arms and thighs. My major target is the waist.


Was the uRobic easy to use? Please explain your answer.


Yeah, it’s very easy to use. But at first when I was at the session, I thought that without the instructor’s help, I would not be able to work it out that good. I took part in the uRobic challenge then only I got to use it.


How often did you use the uRobic? Describe your exercise routine.


I use about 2 to 3 times a week only. And for each time I will use for about 30 minutes including warm up and cooling down exercise.


Did you enjoy using the uRobic?


Yes, I enjoy using it because it’s very fun. Even my friends who came to my house, when they saw the uRobic, they also wanted to use it and they actually tried it. Each of them tried it. They saw it from the TV commercials and they actually recognize it as the uRobic.


How effective was the uRobic? Did it meet your expectations?


It really did meet my expectations, out of my expectations. Because it’s actually for 2 to 3 times a week then I can lose 2 to 5


What changes have you noticed after using the uRobic? (Cite actual statistics i.e. lost 2 inches on hips, or attitude change i.e. more confident to wear bikini).

I notice my arms and thighs are more toned up when I use with the weights.


How would you rate the performance of the uRobic? (Rate from a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, elaborate reason for such rating).


4.5, because it’s quite bulky. I have to shift it sometimes because my house is very small, it’s because of the space constrain.


Would you recommend the uRobic to others? Why?


Yes, definitely because it’s really convenient and a fun exercise to work it out if you want to slim down and I will certainly continue to use it.


OSIM’s uRobic Mass Workout-twisting motion, you will surely trim those nasty calories!

January 15- 09 was a spectacular day for OSIM at Great World City.There was a mass work-out session with our new product OSIM uRobic. There were lots of people who have joined and participated. They enjoyed exclusive offers and attractive goodie bags.

 Let’s look at some of the photo shots on the mass workout session!

We are pleased to invite Ms. Amy from True Yoga to do the OSIM uRobic mass work-out with all the participants.

We are pleased to invite the trainer, Ms. Amy to do the OSIM uRobic mass work-out with all the participants.

Twist and Trim your body, baby!

Twist and Trim your body, baby!


All the participants synchronizing with the trainer on the work-out
All the participants synchronizing with the trainer on the work-out

With more and more people becoming health and fitness conscious in our generation today, it is nice to know that there is such an exerciser which makes the work-out fun and effective in its own way!

Life today is quite fast. Everybody is in a hurry. People lack time. Same is true for fitness freaks. They are determined to lose as much weight as possible. They just want to remain fit. They want all this in the least possible time and with ease in which at times, they find exercising quite unexciting. Catering to this, I have realized that OSIM uRobic have come as impeccable exercising equipment, which can be used by people of almost any age.  If you are conscious of your health and looking for an  equipment which is very effective, then this equipment is for you! It is not just a typical exerciser which you think is boring, this one is not only an effective exerciser but you can also mix your workout with fun too!  Please click this link to check the product: http:// www.osim.com/urobic

It comes with several benefits, which you definitely cannot ignore. Not only it gives you a comfortable workout environment at the vicinity of your home, but it also gives you all the peace and serenity that you would have always been looking forward for, while you exercise. Some are the useful things I consider and have learned with OSIM uRobic, they are listed below:

 * Exercising on the OSIM uRobic has the ability to twist, therefore losing weight around tummy and waist will be much, much, much easier to do.

* You can exercise at a time of your choice that is suitable to you and do not have to worry about gym timings or weather conditions.

* Working out on the OSIM uRobic helps to tone your abdominal muscles and get rid of belly fat.

* By using this equipment, it can help to strengthen your back, tones flabby thighs and buttocks.

* Having OSIM uRobic at home is beneficial especially if you are the type who feels like going home after a stressful day at work! OSIM uRobic comes in handy and you do not have to worry about dressing up to go out.

*You can save up huge bucks of money in enrolling yourself as a member of a good, near-by gym or a club.

*Exercing on OSIM uRobic is fun, fun, fun! (Believe me, it’s very cool to twist!)

*OSIM uRobic is definitely a must buy for all those fitness freaks, who always crib about the scarcity of time in their hand and is looking for a effective way of trimming down!

OSIM uRobic Event at Great World City- Workouts on the uRobic- Mix it up with Fun!

I have participated OSIM’s uRobic event held at Great World City on 15 January 09. On the event itself, there was a mass workout session with cool perfect music while exercising. The crowning of the OSIM’s uRobic challenge winner who has lost so much weight of 4 inches on her waist with the use of OSIM’s uRobic was also witnessed! Surely everyone had a great time.  At the event, beside product trials there were a series of programs and quiz arranged. The quiz was about fitness which made the participants excited to answer on how well they know about fitness. Fabulous prizes were given away for the OSIM’s uRobic mass workout, vouchers, won prizes in the quiz such as OSIM’s uScale and other exclusive offers only available at this event. 


Let’s look at some photo shots of the various activities during the OSIM’s uRobic mass workout event! 


Getting changed with the free OSIM uRobic shirt

Getting changed with the free OSIM uRobic shirt

a gentle warm-up with our trainer from True Yoga Ms. Amy

a gentle warm-up with our trainer, Ms. Amy

all are synchronizing with the trainer

all are synchronizing with the trainer



I would also like to thank OSIM for a fantastic event and has truly informed a lot of people that exercising can make your daily regime a fun activity. You can workout while doing various other activities. Yes, you can watch your favorite show on the television while twisting your body out on OSIM uRobic, chat with your partner and can also listen to music.

OSIM’s uRobic is truly an exemplary and innovative exerciser! The twisting motion really works on my tummy and waist! (Go and Try! it can work on yours too!) I felt the burning and sweat while using OSIM uRobic.


Meeting new friends with all the participants who have joined during this whole event was also one thing. Not to mention that there were lots of exclusive offers and goodie bags OSIM has offered to everyone. It was a blast! I would highly recommend OSIM uRobic to my family and friends so as to experience the wonder it can offer. J