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I’ll squat in 2010, i promise

I have always been quick on my feet in the literal sense. I guess good genes from Dad gave me the added advantage of long legs when it came to 100m dashes during National Sports Meets.

Little did I know then that bulked up thigh muscles came packaged with the short-span glory of being a Speedy Gonzales. I’m sure most guys wouldn’t mind having that on themselves, but I was, after all a teenage girl then.

And may I add, a very vain one too.

I notice that most short-distance runners have similar woes. Marathon runners, on the other hand tend to have leaner legs and sculpted calves. Intrigued, I did some internet research and found this piece of information:

Cross country runners and the like have red fiber muscles which are smaller and less powerful. (Slow muscle fibre) Sprinters have white fiber muscles which are big and more powerful. (Fast muscle fibre) These allow the sprinter short bursts of strength needed to cross the finishing line in record time.

Now I know why Janie’s legs are so smoking hot!  I wonder if lady sprinters are aware of this effect on the appearance of their legs, would they think twice before making that power dash?

I hated my thunder thighs to the core, even though they brought me rows of medals. Years on, the medals have long been chucked into the storeroom. Unfortunately, the once muscular thighs have since turned into flabs of flesh.

For ladies with skinny thighs, they probably would never know how it feels to have your thighs rubbing against each other with every step; how you’re constantly reminded that there exists no gap between your legs.

Vanity got the better of me.

One day after class, I plucked the courage to enter the beauty salon near the school bus stop. The advertisement banner shouted “Get slim and shapely thighs for $60 only!”  $60 was a considerable sum to a Sec 4 student at that time, but I had been tutoring for a couple of years. Besides, this was one of those do-it-now-or-forever-be-silent scenarios. I was already envisaging my pins to look like this after the session:

Are you drooling yet?

I went for it.

An hour later, I emerged $60 poorer and none the slimmer. Obviously the advertisement left out the part that said” You need at least 20-2000 sessions “. Blame it on my gullibility.

Fast forward to the present and my heavy thighs remains. I have since resigned to the fact that I could never have slim legs that go on forever. But what we can’t change that nature has given, we can nurture.

For the longest time, my mum and her friends have been doing daily 90 degrees squats to keep their knees strong and legs toned. Note: you back must be straightened and don’t be greedy. DO NOT go beyond 90 degrees and end up hurting your knees.

Anyway, I dismissed it as aunties’ play initially.

After trawling fitness forum topics, I realised that many young women are no strangers to this particular exercise at the gym, or even in the comfort of their own room. I decided to try it out. For the uninitiated, the thighs will start to tremble after the 25th squat. To the diligent, 100 at one go is a piece of cake.

Let the thigh quivering begin!

It does work, trust me. After 3 months of continuous squats and lunges, my girlfriend now sprints up overhead bridges without a prob and announced that her butt got tighter as a bonus! Now that’s inspiring!

The key to any successful exercise and toning regimen is regularity. Short spurts do more harm than good in the longer term.

Are you the type who would dive into new fads for short stretches, only to fizzle out when the enthusiasm dies down? Or do you believe in going slow and steady for the long haul?

I’ll like to believe that I belong to the latter but sadly, fighting long hours at the work office have rendered me too tired to continue.

Yes, I know. Fat excuse.

In 2010, I hope to stick to my 20 nightly squats, jog at least twice a week, condition my straw-like hair, save more strays and plant many more kisses on my boy’s forehead.

That will do for a start.

Happy new year everyone!