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Andy Lau at Plaza Singapura on 20 Jan 2011!

OSIM uDivine endorser, Andy Lau, was in town last week to promote his latest film – Shaolin. And OSIM was excited to be there to support.

Watch this video clip and catch Andy Lau in action, as he mentioned one of his famous lines from his OSIM uDivine’s TVC!

Stay tuned to this blog for more photos of Andy!

Exclusive Andy Lau’s behind-the-scenes photos! (Part I)

(OSIM Exlcusive)

Heavenly King Andy Lau looks real good in our OSIM uDivine TVC. Don’t you just agree? We have snapped some exlcusive behind-the-scenes photos of Andy Lau while he was filming the uDivine TVC.  

Let’s take a look at Part 1 of the photos!

Andy getting his hair and make-up done

Andy Lau getting ready before the shoot!

Andy looking sharp in his suit

Andy working hard on set!

Getting the scenes right

Andy relaxing & enjoying the OSIM uDivine!

Andy getting the cue to start (Aww isn't he dashing!)

For the full TVC of uDivine, view below:

Be sure to check back for part 2 of Andy Lau’s behind-the-scenes photos only on OSIM Blog!

For more details on uDivine, please visit : www.OSIM.com today!

Introducing OSIM uDivine – The World’s 1st Human 3D Massage Chair

Dear blog readers, 

International Artiste, Andy Lau endorses OSIM uDivine

The patented OSIM Human-3D Massage is not only intelligent, but it follows the human body contours closely. Combined with a strategically-positioned system of airbags, kneading discs and automatic body detection, the OSIM uDivine delivers the pleasures of the most humanised and effective full-body massage.
With OSIM uDivine so heavenly, it is definitely a massage fit for a king! Who else but Andy Lau could fit the title of heavenly king!
Now, Andy Lau definitely knows how it feels to be treated like a king. But with OSIM uDivine, you can too!


Andy Lau says, “When your body is in the good hands of OSIM uDivine, – the world’s 1st Human-3D Massage Chair, you will enjoy the best Lifestyle Massage Programmes designed by the Japanese Master Sato Tsuyoshi. Escape everyday stress and be welcomed to a new world of relaxation. Relieve neck and shoulder aches, relax at night or re-energise in the morning – satisfy the desires of your body. ”

uDivine endorser, International Artiste - Andy Lau (wow, so handsome right?!)

Watch as Andy Lau tells you why uDivine is soo heavenly! Click below to watch uDivine 30sec TVC:

Look our OSIM staff are going gaga over Andy too!

Hugging Andy!


Posing with the one and only Andy Lau!

Andy! Andy! Andy!

Mad about Andy!

Mad about Andy!

Check out Chen Mei Feng with uMama Warm!

Have you seen our uMama Warm commercial on TV, featuring Taiwanese celebrity Chen Mei Feng? If not, click below to watch!

OSIM uMama Warm is equipped with a variety of massage programmes and a warmth function. With it, you and your family can enjoy a complete 360° upper body massage experience covering the neck, shoulders, back and tummy. Feel and look great from every angle with the uMama Warm.

For exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Chen Mei Feng, click here!

For more information on uMama Warm, visit www.OSIM.com today.

Behind-the-scenes with Chen Mei Feng

(OSIM Exclusive)

Have you seen our TVC of OSIM uMama Warm around? Well, I’m sure most of you would recognise Taiwanese celebrity, Chen Mei Feng in it! Let’s see what goes behind-the-scenes of the making of this TVC:

Chen Mei Feng getting ready on the set of the TVC

Getting some last minute touch-ups!

Chen Mei Feng on the TVC set, getting ready, set and go!

Cameraman getting the scene right!

Look how great the set of the TVC is!

For more information on uMama Warm, visit: www.OSIM.com!

OSIM uMama Warm TVC

Dear Blog readers,

Have you all seen the new OSIM uMama Warm TVC? If not, don’t miss out!
Click on below to watch it:

Getting to know more about OSIM uMama Warm:
Harnessing the strength of OSIM’s Power Drum-Massage, the wearable uMama Warm is the most all-embracing and time-saving massager, massaging all the common pain-points on the upper body at the same time.
Equipped with a variety of massage programmes and a warmth function, you and your family can enjoy a complete 360°, upper body massage experience covering the neck, shoulders, back and tummy. Feel and look great from every angle with the uMama Warm!


To know more about OSIM uMama Warm visit:


or go to our OSIM outlets / roadshows today to try it out!

Behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC

(An OSIM exclusive)

Dear Blog readers,

Most of you would have already seen the TVC of OSIM uSoffa Petit. Want to know how the commercial was made? Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from uSoffa Petit TVC featuring Lin Chi Ling!

Chi Ling seated on a uSoffa Petit getting ready for the shoot

Chi Ling checking out the uSoffa Petit in Olive while waiting to get ready

Getting directions from the director

Chi Ling having a fun moment on the set

Having a nice warm cup of coffee while relaxing on uSoffa Petit

Lights, cameras and action! The entire set getting ready for the shoot

After a strenuous stretch of filming, watch the final product of uSoffa Petit TVC with Lin Chi Ling!:

Visit uSoffa Petit’s microsite for more information on the product.