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S.H.E Is Coming To Town (18 April 2010)

S.H.E is coming to visit us again! Relive your love for S.H.E on 18 April 2010 ūüôā

When: 18 April 2010, 3pm

Where: Plaza Singapura, The Atrium

Who: Holders of uKimono Mini Diary (Mini version of the uKimono Diary)

How: With every purchase of the new OSIM uKimono Mini, you will be given a uKimono Mini Diary.

Introducing the all new uKimono Mini

The uKimono Mini Diary will be your passport to the S.H.E autograph session at Plaza Singapura on 18 April. Only limited places available. If you don’t want to risk your chances, be sure to be early! (*Psst* We have seen fans queueing up as early as the night before!)

uKimono Mini Diary given with every purchase of uKimono Mini

Here are some scenes from the last session:

 We hope to see all of you there!


Chinese New Year Goodies Alert!

Whenever I think of Chinese New Year, the first thing that comes into mind would be the CNY goodies (well that or the ang baos). Most of us would love to feast on the pineapple tarts, the kueh bangkits, the loveletters… oh and a little bak kua won’t kill either.

Every year, the thought of cutting down on the CNY goodies seems more and more impossible. With the glazed bak kua resting deliciously on your serving tray, it seems so hard not to steal a piece. Okay, look.. If eating bak gua is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I’m sure many of you, dear blog readers, share the exact same thoughts as me.

So this year, I’m determined to follow the eating tips below to curb my addiction to CNY goodies:

  • Use a small plate – Instead of eating from a food container, put the food onto a small plate to restrict yourself from over-eating!
  • Don’t over-buy CNY goodies –¬† One of the best ways to eat less goodies is to buy exactly the amount needed!
  • Drink 2 glasses of water before visiting – this helps to make you feel full, so that you wouldn’t need to gorge on the CNY goodies
  • It’s all in your mind – Do remind yourself to eat and enjoy the festive season, but remember to cut down and eat LESS!

For all of you who have the OSIM uKimono and OSIM uKimono Mini, remember to actively continue to use them throughout the festive season!

OSIM uKimono in Purple, Red and Orange

uKimono Mini in Purple, Orange and Red

It’s always during Chinese New Year that we’re more vulnerable to over-eating! So this year, try to make an effort to eat less CNY goodies and for all those who have uKimono and uKimono Mini, try to squeeze in some free time to do simple exercise workouts to complement with your uKimono sessions too!

For more information on uKimono and uKimono Mini, visit:

OSIM uKimono – http://www.osim.com/SG/product/ukimono.aspx


OSIM uKimono Mini – http://www.osim.com/SG/product/ukimono_mini.aspx

Visit our OSIM outlets / roadshows to experience both uKimono and uKimono Mini today!

Flaunt the Fashionista in You!

Join the Me & My uKimono Mini Contest*

Do you like snapping photos of yourself all the time? Here’s your chance to snap and win!

Step 1: Put on your most fashionable exercise outfit and grab a camera.

Step 2: Strike a pose with your uKimono Mini strapped on and take a picture.

Step 3: Send this photo to OSIM.mkting@osim.com.sg with your name, NRIC, date of birth, address and contact number.

Step 4: Stand a chance to win $200 OSIM cash voucher. Winning entries will be published on http://www.OSIM.com before 9 May 2010.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Check in-store for more.

Visit here to know more about uKimono Mini and how it helps to tone up your arms, calfs and thighs!

Valentine’s Day Special – uKimono & uKimono Mini

Looking for a perfect gift¬†this Valentine’s Day? Look no further and send a special¬†love message to your loved one with OSIM¬†uKimono! Maintaining a silm and toned figure is important¬†to every lady, so what more to give than a uKimono?¬†Delight her today with this stylish slimming belt that comes in 3 attractive colours that would perfectly represent your affection:

Purple – represents “You’re the Queen of my heart and I love you”

Orange – represents “A cheery and attractive you!”

Red – represents “Red hot baby!”

OSIM uKimono:
OSIM uKimono has Duo+ Technology – Twin Power Osimotion and Double Kneading to target your Tummy, Butt and Thighs. It tones and tightens muscles and reduces cellulite build-up.

OSIM uKimono Mini (NEW!):
OSIM uKimono Mini is ergonomically designed to fit your arm, calf or thigh.  It utilises Osimotion Massage Technology to help you shape and tone these problem areas effortlessly.

Visit http://www.OSIM.com or visit our outlets / roadshows for more information on OSIM uKimono and uKimono Mini.

S.H.E is the One World Tour Priority Purchase

Get access to front rows seats before public sale of tickets!

OSIM Exclusive
Priority Purchase
16 – 20 Jan 2010

What is priority purchase?

  • Before the concert¬†tickets go on public sale on 22 Jan 2010, a period of 4 days (16 – 20 Jan) is open specifically for OSIM customers.
  • This means that you can get seats as close to the stage as possible to see S.H.E in their full glory, before the rest of the public can start booking the tickets.
  • Popular acts like S.H.E usually sell out their tickets within days of public sale. Thus, if you are a fan, be sure to grab tickets before everyone else!

How to be eligible for priority purchase?

  1. Either
    1. buy an OSIM uKimono ($328) ,
    2. buy an OSIM uKimono Mini (only $138) or
    3. spend a minimum of $300 worth of OSIM products at any OSIM outlet / roadshow.
  2. Upon payment at cashier, your sales consultant will present you with a voucher as proof of eligibility.
  3. Visit any SISTIC counter with this voucher to purchase your priority tickets and choose the best seats!
  4. Each voucher is limited to purchase of 2 tickets at SISTIC.

When and where is S.H.E is the One World Tour taking place?

  • Date: 17 April 2010
  • Time: 8pm
  • Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
  • Ticket prices: $88, $118, $138, $168 (visit any SISTIC authorised agent for the seating plan)

Which are the places where there are OSIM outlets as well as SISTIC counter?

  • ¬†Bishan Junction 8
  • City Square Mall
  • Hougang Mall
  • IMM Building
  • ION Orchard
  • Jurong Point
  • Northpoint Shopping Centre
  • Parkway Parade
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Raffles City Shopping Centre
  • Tampines Mall
  • The Centrepoint
  • VivoCity

 What if I already own an OSIM uKimono?

  1. Thank you for supporting OSIM! You will also be eligible for priority purchase.
  2. During 15 Р20 Jan 2010, simply visit any OSIM outlet / roadshow with your uKimono purchase receipt (as proof of purchase).
  3. Upon verification, our sales consultant will present you with the voucher.
  4. With this voucher, you may visit any SISITIC counter to purchase your priority tickets and choose the best seats!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Visit any OSIM outlet / roadshow now!

*Please note: Concert tickets sold will be on first come first serve basis. Vouchers will only be distributed at OSIM outlets and roadshows 15 Р20 Jan (6pm). Sale of priority tickets will end at 8pm at SISTIC counters stated above. Kindly double check with the shopping mall.