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Kimberly Chia’s Behind the Scene with OSIM

I am sure you have seen Kimberly’s posters in our outlets islandwide. We just can’t get enough of this doe-eyed, pretty (and not to mention very young) up and coming actress. Just having her in our studio, livens the environment and she brought so much energy with her chirpy self.

Okay, enough of us talking here cause we know you are here to see some of her exclusive behind the scene shots. Here we go…

Getting her makeup on before the shoot begins

Kimberly posing with our uCozy neck and shoulder massager

Looking like her usual self – KAWAIIIIIII!

Spot our uRelax back massager behind Kimberly

“Take 5” time

Guess what product Kimberly is posing with now? YES! It’s our uPebble leg massager!

After a day of hard work, the shoot wrapped up with sooooo many gorgeous photos for us to choose

And the day ended with us chatting non-stop with Kimberly

The other day, we had an interview session with Kimberly Chia at our OSIM HQ. It was more of an informal chatting session where we catch up with her latest dramas, movies and things she’s busy with recently.

It was such a joy interviewing Kimberly as she’s so chatty and so expressive. Not a second were we bored by her. The video for this interview will be up soon in our Facebook page HERE. So be sure to “LIKE” our page to stay tuned to our latest updates of Kimberly!

So, here you go! The long-awaited exclusive photos of the interview session with Kimberly Chia.

Kimberly listening very intently while we brief her on the day’s rundown

I know you are all super interested in what she said during this interview by now

As she explains to us how convenient the uRelax and uCozy is. “I can even have a massage while reading!”

“After a long day of filming, my legs would be so sore!”

“But no worries! I have the uPebble now! So small and portable i can bring it everywhere.”

The 3 MUST-HAVE (uCozy, uRelax and uPebble) for long hours in front of the desk

How about a present from Kimberly?

Hmmmm. Can you guess what is it?

Fret not, this will not be the last of Kimberly’s updates from us. Remember to stay tuned to our Facebook page (OSIM SG) for more of Kimberly from us!

To know more about the 3 products Kimberly is endorsing, visit OSIM.com