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Interview with uSoffa Cushion Cover Contest Winner

Dear blog readers, we bring to you here the winner of the ‘Design your own OSIM uSoffa cushion cover’ contest, Mr Denny Liew. This contest was held earlier and the main focus of the contest was to design your own cushion cover for the OSIM uSoffa.

Let us see what Mr Denny Liew, the contest winner has to say about:

OSIM: Share with us why you want to join this design contest?

Mr Liew: A friend recommended me and thought that I may be interested, as I’m always interested in designing, so I checked this contest out on www.OSIM.com!

OSIM: Are you in the design/Creative industry?

Mr Liew: No, I’m not. I’ve self taught myself doing designs like this.

OSIM: How long did you take to complete your design entry?

Mr Liew: Around 2-3 hours.

OSIM: Could you explain your artwork to us?

Mr Liew: Going green and recycling blends in our daily lifestyle and hence the design ‘Go green’.

OSIM: Do you own any OSIM products?

Mr Liew: I own uPapa Hug and uZap. I like the uPapa Hug as it gives me the strong massage on my shoulders! I’m still using the uPapa Hug up till now!

OSIM: Lastly what does OSIM means to you?

Mr Liew: OSIM does great health products and the products’ quality makes it the leading health product brand!

Mr Danny Liew, together with his winning design entry and uSoffa Petit prize

“Thank you very much OSIM for the uSoffa Petit! Both my wife and I will definitely enjoy the massage sofa!” – Mr Denny Liew

Relaxation Corners by OSIM at YOG!

As part of being the Official Supporter of YOG, we have been setting up relaxing corners for the youth athletics and for anyone attending the Games to make their stay an enjoyable and relaxing one!

From Bishan to Toa Payoh Sports Hall, to the media centre at Marina Bay Sands, we have been placing our OSIM goodies at this places to rejuvenate and re-energise the users.

Take a look at the relaxation corners we’ve set up!:

Our delivery colleagues in action

At the media centre at Marina Bay Sands

Getting the OSIM uYogga ready for use!

uYogga relaxation corner!

Putting the uSoffa Petit in place

Here we go!

uSoffa Petit: Complete with operating instructions! Easy to use!

There are even more photos on these relaxation corners coming up, so stay tuned to our blog!

uSoffa + uSoffa Petit at YOUR homes!

I was surfing around the net and I realised that there are netizens out there who are proud owners of their OSIM uSoffa and uSoffa Petit! Here are some gems that I’ve found online on Renotalk.com‘s forum page!:

uSoffa Petit in home owner TYM's cozy corner!

uSoffa in homeowner Joleena’s living room! Nice!

Looking at all these ‘home sweet home’ photos definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy:) Perhaps if you have your OSIM uSoffa or uSoffa Petit at home, why not snap a photo of it and share it with all of us?! You can email your photos to OSIM.mktg@osim.com.sg and we would gladly post it up!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa and uSoffa Petit, visit:

Photo credits from Renotalk.com forum’s users (TYM & Joleena): http://www.renotalk.com/forum

Enjoy uSoffa Family Set with Bryan Wong & Mark Lee!

See how TV hosts Bryan Wong and Mark Lee compete with each other while they enjoy the soothing comforts of OSIM uSoffa Family Set (OSIM uSoffa + OSIM uSoffa Petit):

Both Bryan Wong and Mark Lee are well-known hosts for local TV show Home Decor (Bai Jia Le). Watch as they comically compete with each other in this TVC, while they let you know how effective the uSoffa Family Set works for each of your day-to-day activities.

Bryan Wong and Mark Lee are definitely not missing out on something good, as comfort is meant to be shared!

Visit here to see the OSIM uSoffa Family Set!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa_petit.aspx

For more, visit any of our OSIM outlets or roadshows today!

Bond with Dad!

With Father’s Day fast approaching, do you have anything in mind for your hardworking Dad? Well I do! With OSIM uSoffa Family Set, I want to make sure that my Dad has the comfort and style while watching TV or while reading the papers on the massage sofa!

And not to mention now with the World Cup fever on, I would definitely want my dad to have the best seat while watching the World Cup on TV!

What’s better than Dad coming back home to relax on the OSIM uSoffa for a full-body massage, while you catch up with him on your days’ activities while you enjoy the lower-body massage of the OSIM uSoffa Petit. The uSoffa Family Set definitely gives you and your family more reasons to spend more time together!

We all know that all Dads are hardworking and they definitely deserve nothing but the best from us! So this Father’s Day, surprise your Dad with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set and let your whole family enjoy the massaging comforts of both the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit!

Visit here to see the OSIM uSoffa Family Set!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa.aspx

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/usoffa_petit.aspx

For more, visit any of our OSIM outlets or roadshows today!

Want total relaxation & style for a price that is too good to be true?

Well, now you could have it all with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set. The OSIM uSoffa Family Set consists of the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. Now, this combination of uSoffa and uSoffa Petit is truly a dream come true for all of us! Why? Because with this, you are enjoying the best of both worlds: total relaxation of a full-body massage from the uSoffa and style with massage comfort with the uSoffa Petit!

Lin Chi Ling on OSIM uSoffa!

Firstly, the uSoffa gives you total relaxation that not only helps you to relax your aching muscles, but it also reduces your stress level and tiredness. The greatness of the roller and airbag massage on your back & seat, makes you addicted to the uSoffa naturally! Also, the kneading, vibration & roller massage for your calves, ankles & feet do give you the deserved comfort for your tired legs after a long day of work.

Look how versatile the OSIM uSoffa Petit is! U can blend it with any home decor!

So how about the uSoffa Petit? The uSoffa Petit gives you a great lower body massage experience, this includes the leg massage (kneading massage to your tired calves, ankles & feet) & life-like massage with airbags that is gentle yet firm. The uSoffa Petit is compact yet stylish, thus it is so easy to complement it with the style of any home.

OSIM uSoffa Family Set

One of the reasons why our customers love the OSIM uSoffa Family Set is because it’s so good-looking that you can simply blend them in to any living space! Another reason is due to its affordable price: uSoffa Family Set is SGD 2,988! This means that you are paying a good affordable price for two massage sofas at a price of one!

So hurry, you are definitely missing out on something good if you have not tried both the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. For more, do visit any OSIM outlets / roadshows to experience the OSIM uSoffa Family Set today!

Visit here to see the Family Set for yourself!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: 

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: 

uSoffa Petit – Lucky colours & Palmistry

Dear blog readers,

Do you know how your lucky colours could bring in beneficial energies into your life?

In our Birthday Celebration event earlier last month, Feng Shui Master Khor talked about palmistry tips on the seven different types of hands and shapes of your fingers & palms.

Click below to enlarge the image:

To know more about uSoffa Petit visit: