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Introducing uVenus – The world’s 1st Ambient Purifier

Protect your family from air pollution, light pollution and noise pollution

Clean & Purify Air
The uVenus with its Multi-action Tru-air purification process purifies stale indoor air and provides clean, fresh air for easier breathing and better well-being for your family.
Mood Light
uVenus has 3 scientifically research mood light programmes (RELAX, BALANCE and ENERGISE) developed by physicist and mood light specialist, Mr Anadi A. Martel are designed to gently stimulate brain activity to achieve the most desired state of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation.
Clinically-Proven Music
Dr Jeffrey D. Thompson has specially composed 3 unique uVenus Music to cultivate your desired state of relaxation, balance and higher energy levels – to influence a person’s state of mind through specifically composed music.


For more details on uVenus, visit http://www.osim.com/SG/product/uvenus.aspx for more.

To experience uVenus, head on down to our OSIM outlets/roadshows today!


Binge eating during Festive Season?

Dear blog readers,

Holidays are here! This means holiday shopping, gifts exchanging, catching up with old pals, and of course this also means eating more! Why is it that we tend to eat excessively during the holiday season? Well, maybe simply because we are all in the spirit of eating, that’s why!

So instead of chowing down all the roasted turkeys, Christmas cookies, candy canes and pecan pies of the world, lets try to have a healthier eating lifestyle this holiday season!

You can start by following these simple tips to prevent yourself from eating excessively:

  • By drinking more water before a meal, we will tend to eat lesser, thus this helps us to eat sensibly
  • Try eating in small portions. Having holiday food in front of you can be tempting. But try to eat them in small portions every 3 to 4 hours!
  • Use a smaller plate. This way, you are able to control the food you put on your plate!
  • Eat more greens this holiday season! By adding in more salad and fruits to your menu, they will give you the essential minerals and vitamins needed to stay healthy

So this holiday season, eat light and sensibly! And with that, we can ring in the New Year healthily!

Want total relaxation & style for a price that is too good to be true?

Well, now you could have it all with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set. The OSIM uSoffa Family Set consists of the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. Now, this combination of uSoffa and uSoffa Petit is truly a dream come true for all of us! Why? Because with this, you are enjoying the best of both worlds: total relaxation of a full-body massage from the uSoffa and style with massage comfort with the uSoffa Petit!

Lin Chi Ling on OSIM uSoffa!

Firstly, the uSoffa gives you total relaxation that not only helps you to relax your aching muscles, but it also reduces your stress level and tiredness. The greatness of the roller and airbag massage on your back & seat, makes you addicted to the uSoffa naturally! Also, the kneading, vibration & roller massage for your calves, ankles & feet do give you the deserved comfort for your tired legs after a long day of work.

Look how versatile the OSIM uSoffa Petit is! U can blend it with any home decor!

So how about the uSoffa Petit? The uSoffa Petit gives you a great lower body massage experience, this includes the leg massage (kneading massage to your tired calves, ankles & feet) & life-like massage with airbags that is gentle yet firm. The uSoffa Petit is compact yet stylish, thus it is so easy to complement it with the style of any home.

OSIM uSoffa Family Set

One of the reasons why our customers love the OSIM uSoffa Family Set is because it’s so good-looking that you can simply blend them in to any living space! Another reason is due to its affordable price: uSoffa Family Set is SGD 2,988! This means that you are paying a good affordable price for two massage sofas at a price of one!

So hurry, you are definitely missing out on something good if you have not tried both the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. For more, do visit any OSIM outlets / roadshows to experience the OSIM uSoffa Family Set today!

Visit here to see the Family Set for yourself!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: 

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: 

Finally a thermometer that you can trust

OSIM Ear Scan IV is smart as it uses infra technology for accuracy, safety and convenience. And you can trust OSIM Ear Scan IV to give you clinical accuracy.

It is simple to use with its one-button operation. And most importantly, it is gentle too! It causes no discomfort and is especially suited for toddlers and children.

How does Ear-Scan IV take a temperature?
Clinical research has shown that the temperature of the ear drum mirrors that of the body. Sensors at the tip of the probe measure the heat generated by the ear drum and surrounding tissues. The average of 6 readings is taken to ensure accuracy.
With its 360° Flexi-Probe, it adjusts according to the ear canal wall so entry is smooth and the risk of injuring the sensitive canal wall is reduced.
For more on Ear Scan IV, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/earscan.aspx or our OSIM outlets today!

uSoffa Petit – Coffee. Chat. Massage

Introducing the world’s 1st little massage sofa – OSIM uSoffa Petit.

Want a cozy sofa that you could relax & lounge on and yet also comes with complete lower body massage functions? Look no further with uSoffa Petit:


Go on to uSoffa Petit’s microsite here: http://www.osim.com/SG/uSoffaPetit/

Read how to blend personal space with uSoffa Petit here:

View exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Lin Chi Ling here:

OSIM Corporate Triathlon 2008

Every year, OSIM sponsors the 2 biggest triathlon events in Singapore: OSIM Singapore International Triathlon (usually in July), and OSIM Corporate Triathlon (usually in November).

Last November, the number of OSIM staff taking part in the triathlon was unprecedented! There was such a big group, we had a flag off specially dedicated to OSIM. As a result of a rigourous training programme, all of us emerged as winners in our own right. We even won the 1st runner-up prize in the corporate category. Here’s a look at our performance on race day.













This year, we aim to outdo ourselves once again! Training is now underway as our staff prepares to overcome our physical and mental barriers. Watch this space for updates on our training sessions 🙂

By the way, registration for the upcoming OSIM Singapore International Triathlon 2009 has started. Sign up to take part in a fulfilling experience – Triathlon is all about outdoing ourselves to complete the race. Challenging our spirit to do our best!

Jeanette’s uSqueez Warm Tips


Jeanette’s uSqueez Warm Tip #2

Did you know that shoes affect your total well-being?

Too tight or too high shoes may cut off blood circulation, leading to swelling, aching and overall discomfort. At the end of each day, kick off those heels and relax with uSqueez Warm Leg Massager!

Jeanette’s uSqueez Warm Tip #3

Did you know that your legs and feet support 3-4 times your body weight?

With all the weight they carry, it’s common to feel fatigue at the end of the day. Give your legs and feet some warmth and care with uSqueez Warm Leg Massager!