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Binge eating during Festive Season?

Dear blog readers,

Holidays are here! This means holiday shopping, gifts exchanging, catching up with old pals, and of course this also means eating more! Why is it that we tend to eat excessively during the holiday season? Well, maybe simply because we are all in the spirit of eating, that’s why!

So instead of chowing down all the roasted turkeys, Christmas cookies, candy canes and pecan pies of the world, lets try to have a healthier eating lifestyle this holiday season!

You can start by following these simple tips to prevent yourself from eating excessively:

  • By drinking more water before a meal, we will tend to eat lesser, thus this helps us to eat sensibly
  • Try eating in small portions. Having holiday food in front of you can be tempting. But try to eat them in small portions every 3 to 4 hours!
  • Use a smaller plate. This way, you are able to control the food you put on your plate!
  • Eat more greens this holiday season! By adding in more salad and fruits to your menu, they will give you the essential minerals and vitamins needed to stay healthy

So this holiday season, eat light and sensibly! And with that, we can ring in the New Year healthily!

OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mr Mike Shee

Dear blog readers,

We are celebrating OSIM’s 30th Anniversary! As part of our celebration, we’ve gathered some of our valued customers to tell us more on why they have been supporting OSIM all these while.

Our loyal customer, Mr Mike Shee, joins us as we celebrate OSIM’s 30th Anniversary. He shares with us why he has been supporting OSIM for the past 18 years. He was introduced to OSIM by his father in the 1990s and he has been supporting OSIM ever since!

Mr Mike Shee and son, together with their OSIM products!

“I would want to share the good benefits of OSIM products to my family members, loved ones and to all my close friends!”

– Mike Shee

Watch Mr Mike Shee in the video below, as he tells us how OSIM has helped in the overall well-being for his family and himself: 

For more interview videos like this, stay tuned, as we would be uploading more of these interviews with our customers!

Want total relaxation & style for a price that is too good to be true?

Well, now you could have it all with the OSIM uSoffa Family Set. The OSIM uSoffa Family Set consists of the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. Now, this combination of uSoffa and uSoffa Petit is truly a dream come true for all of us! Why? Because with this, you are enjoying the best of both worlds: total relaxation of a full-body massage from the uSoffa and style with massage comfort with the uSoffa Petit!

Lin Chi Ling on OSIM uSoffa!

Firstly, the uSoffa gives you total relaxation that not only helps you to relax your aching muscles, but it also reduces your stress level and tiredness. The greatness of the roller and airbag massage on your back & seat, makes you addicted to the uSoffa naturally! Also, the kneading, vibration & roller massage for your calves, ankles & feet do give you the deserved comfort for your tired legs after a long day of work.

Look how versatile the OSIM uSoffa Petit is! U can blend it with any home decor!

So how about the uSoffa Petit? The uSoffa Petit gives you a great lower body massage experience, this includes the leg massage (kneading massage to your tired calves, ankles & feet) & life-like massage with airbags that is gentle yet firm. The uSoffa Petit is compact yet stylish, thus it is so easy to complement it with the style of any home.

OSIM uSoffa Family Set

One of the reasons why our customers love the OSIM uSoffa Family Set is because it’s so good-looking that you can simply blend them in to any living space! Another reason is due to its affordable price: uSoffa Family Set is SGD 2,988! This means that you are paying a good affordable price for two massage sofas at a price of one!

So hurry, you are definitely missing out on something good if you have not tried both the uSoffa and uSoffa Petit. For more, do visit any OSIM outlets / roadshows to experience the OSIM uSoffa Family Set today!

Visit here to see the Family Set for yourself!

To know more about OSIM uSoffa, visit: 

For OSIM uSoffa Petit, visit: 

Finally a thermometer that you can trust

OSIM Ear Scan IV is smart as it uses infra technology for accuracy, safety and convenience. And you can trust OSIM Ear Scan IV to give you clinical accuracy.

It is simple to use with its one-button operation. And most importantly, it is gentle too! It causes no discomfort and is especially suited for toddlers and children.

How does Ear-Scan IV take a temperature?
Clinical research has shown that the temperature of the ear drum mirrors that of the body. Sensors at the tip of the probe measure the heat generated by the ear drum and surrounding tissues. The average of 6 readings is taken to ensure accuracy.
With its 360° Flexi-Probe, it adjusts according to the ear canal wall so entry is smooth and the risk of injuring the sensitive canal wall is reduced.
For more on Ear Scan IV, visit: http://www.osim.com/SG/product/earscan.aspx or our OSIM outlets today!

OSIM is proud to be the official sponsor of SG Pavilion @ World Expo 2010

Dear blog readers,

OSIM is proud to be the official sponsor of SG Pavilion at World Expo. By serving as a sponsor at World Expo, this event is an opportunity for us to showcase OSIM and help bolster the Singapore brand, to China and the world!

This is the first time OSIM is an official sponsor at the World Expo. The World Expo is a 150-year-old global and non-commercial exposition aimed at developing world economy, culture, science and technology, promoting the exchange of ideas and strengthening international relations.

Singapore’s participation in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is its largest to date at the World Expo, signifying its strong and close bilateral ties with China.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is scheduled to visit China from 13 to 18 May 2010. As part of his visit, MM will be officially launching the Singapore Pavilion on 15 May 2010.

Mr Ron Sim’s Quote on Sponsorship of Singapore Pavilion at World Expo 2010:

“As the world turns its eyes to China, the Singapore Pavilion will showcase the best of our nation at the World Expo in Shanghai. A growing economic powerhouse, resulting in rising consumer affluence and evidenced the increasing popularity of OSIM products, China draws increasing number of tourists and business travellers. We are proud to partner our nation in this world class event and are confident the Singapore Pavilion will make a positive impact on these visitors.”

Ron Sim
CEO OSIM International

In the coming weeks, we would be covering more of OSIM in the Singapore Pavilion at World Expo 2010. So stay tuned to us for more!

Good Sitting Posture for You!

There are many reasons why everyday people, like you and me would suffer from body aches. Yes yes, the main reason would be your stress coming from the daily grind, the long man-hours you clock at work. Not forgetting coming back home to another round of housework chores (especially for all hardworking Mums out there).

Along the way while we are doing these tasks, we tend not to remember certain important things, like protecting our health and wellness.  Thus in long-term, making ourselves vulnerable to illnesses and unhealthy lifestyles.

For many of us who face the computers on a daily basis, we tend to have bad sitting postures even without being aware of it. Having bad sitting posture at work all day may seem to be minor, but do beware of the long-term effects it may cause!

Here are some tips to prevent you from bad sitting postures:

  1. Raise the computer screen up to your eye-level. You can put some books or empty small boxes below your screen to raise it up!
  2. Make sure you are sitting comfortably with your back leaning towards your chair
  3. Support your back with a small cushion
  4. Make sure your chair and table are not too high or low for you. They have to be at a comfortable level, where it’s right for you

So instead of suffering silently, why not be pro-active and take up these healthy tips to make your sitting posture right!

uSoffa Petit – Lucky colours & Palmistry

Dear blog readers,

Do you know how your lucky colours could bring in beneficial energies into your life?

In our Birthday Celebration event earlier last month, Feng Shui Master Khor talked about palmistry tips on the seven different types of hands and shapes of your fingers & palms.

Click below to enlarge the image:

To know more about uSoffa Petit visit: