Introducing OSIM uPixie Laptop Massager

Ever seen a massager as small as a thumbdrive?

Now with the compact and portable OSIM uPixie Laptop Massager, we can bring our massage anywhere and anytime! Be it surfing the web, chatting online, playing computer games or listening to music – as long as you are using a computer or laptop, you can simply connect uPixie and massage away!

Eases stiff neck and shoulders!

 The uPixie is pre-programmed with 4 well-balanced massage programmes (Energise, De-stress, Deep tissue relief and Shape up), each designed to relieve muscle aches and tone up your body while you go about working on your computer!

uPixie eases your stiff neck and shoulders, tone your arms, firms tummy and soothes your aching thighs – you can use uPixie to target at your common pain-point areas!

uPixie is equipped with a suite of specialised massage programmes

Another feature of the uPixie laptop massager is that it has a Music Synchronised massage technology featurewhich enables you to have your massage sync with your favourite music anytime and anywhere! Simply sit back and relax while you enjoy your massage on-the-go!

Get to know more about OSIM uPixie Thumbdrive Massager at:

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