Introducing the world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager – OSIM uPhoria

Do your calves, ankles and feet feel tired after a long day at work? Of course they do! Now you can pamper your legs with the new OSIM uPhoria – The world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager!

OSIM uPhoria Tui-Na Leg Massager targets vital meridian points on the legs to give positive energy flow, for better health and overall well-being.

It has a 5-in-1 massage (Tui-Na Massage, Wrap-around power squeeze massage, Roller reflexology massage, Vibration massage and Warmth therapy) which produces the benefits of an outstanding Tui-Na massage.

Know more about uPhoria’s Tui-Na massage:

OSIM uPhoria’s Calf-Gliding massage system uses the strokes of Tui-Na, which provides relaxing deep tissue massage to relieve your calves’ aches and strains. Tui-Na uses a push and pull technique which helps improve circulation to your legs – keeping them healthy & beautiful!

OSIM uPhoria is endorsed by International Celebrity, Xiao S. Xiao S is a big fan of OSIM and is thrilled to be OSIM’s latest endorser for OSIM uPhoria.

Experience the Aching Soothing-pain!

With OSIM uPhoria, you will get an aching feeling that’s so enjoyable! The distinctive soothing-pain of OSIM uPhoria can only be explained once you have experienced it yourself!

Why do you need OSIM uPhoria?

  • The uPhoria stimulates key meridian points on your legs to promote better health and well-being with its Tui-Na feature
  • After a long day of work, it soothes and relieves your tired & sore legs
  • The vibration massage stimulates blood circulation to make your muscles more flexible and recharged
  • Tone & shape your legs – the glide-hold massage action helps to tone & strengthen your muscles, revealing shapelier legs!

 Who needs OSIM uPhoria?

You! Anyone who is in need of a relaxing & refreshing leg massage, should use OSIM uPhoria!

Experience OSIM uPhoria at all OSIM outlets / roadshows today, or visit to know more!


One response to “Introducing the world’s 1st Tui-Na Leg Massager – OSIM uPhoria

  1. With Xiao S come to Singapore to advertise her endorsed product?

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