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uShape testimonials from Singapore Top Bloggers

Last week, we did a TVC shoot featuring 3 of the Mummy bloggers – Maggie Quek, Cherie Lim and Ng Ju Ann.

2 of them have been using the uShape body shaper since we launched it and they just want to share their experiences with the public.

Stay-at-home-mum, Maggie, lost 6cms after she started using our uShape and it definitely help to keep the post-baby weight off as she was looking great that day!

Gushcloud Influencer having her makeup done before the shoot

Gushcloud Influencer having her makeup done before the shoot

Our other influencer who has been using the uShape is Cherie. She mentioned that having a uShape definitely helped her in giving the extra boost in her workout routine!

Dennis Chew with Cherie Lim

Dennis Chew with Cherie Lim

Ng Ju Ann, a mummy blogger too, is trying out the uShape for the first time. Want to know what are her reviews on the uShape? Watch the video at the end of this post!

Looking all excited!

Looking all excited!

Here are some behind the scenes photos during the TVC shoot last week!

Our set up for the shoot in Vivo City!

Our set up for the shoot in Vivo City!

We also got some "calefares" from our OSIM office.

We also got some “calefares” from our OSIM office.

The bloggers standing in front of the camera for the first time! *Nervous!*

The bloggers standing in front of the camera for the first time! *Nervous!*

Let's see how they look from the Director's angle

Let’s see how they look from the Director’s angle

Here comes Dennis Chew - the host for today's event and shoot

And here’s our host for today’s event and shoot – Dennis Chew getting ready

Dennis Chew is loved by aunties, uncles, young, old and even OSIM staff too

Dennis Chew is loved by aunties, uncles, young, old and even OSIM staff too

Trying out the mass workout on the uShape with our trainer

Trying out the mass workout on the uShape with our trainer

Maggie getting interviewed by Dennis Chew

Maggie getting interviewed by Dennis Chew

All eager to learn more about the uShape

All eager to learn more about the uShape

Ready, ACTION!

Ready, ACTION!


Dennis with the bloggers

Dennis with the bloggers

Seems like Ju Ann really enjoys working out on the uShape

Seems like Ju Ann really enjoys working out on the uShape

Smile for the candid camera!

Smile for the candid camera!

Blogger Cherie taking a short break with Dennis and the Director. What were they talking about that made them laughed so hard?

Blogger Cherie taking a short break with Dennis and the Director. What were they talking about that made them laughed so hard?

Seems like we have got quite a few good shots

Seems like we have got quite a few good shots

After a full day’s worth of fun (and sweaty), we were finally done with the shoot! Of course, we had to take a final group photo!



And here’s the final uShape Testimonials commercial that is airing on Channel 8 now.


OSIM uDivine Party 天王派对(8th October 2011) – It hasn’t ended just yet!

This week would be our 4th uDivine Party 天王派对 and lovely Joanne was the lucky host this week!  As usual, our lively DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were present to liven up the atmosphere! The special guest for this week was famous local geomancer, Master Dong Nong Zheng.

OSIM uDivine owner, Joanne and her son welcome our chirpy DJs Fenying and LeeLian!

Master Dong Nong Zheng dishes out helpful fengshui tips to Joanne on how to improve her health and wealth upon. To increase your wealth, Master Dong Nong Zheng advises to position your uDivine to the north-west side of your home.

Master Dong is having a good time too! He advises our guests not to put uDivine near sunlight, or near windy areas of the home, especially under a ceiling fan and bathroom areas.

Tasty treats were served! Children and adults alike find them extremely delightful!

FenYing and LeeLian host the live broadcast of the uDivine Party on 972FM!

What's an OSIM uDivine Party without exciting gifts? Lucky guests walk away with hampers worth more than $500 each!

And now, to the highlight of the party – our OSIM uDivine Massage Chair! Let’s see what the guests have to say about the OSIM uDivine.

Joanne - The uDivine has in-built system that would detect and scan my back and shoulder, giving a massage fit for the shape and position of my back and shoulder. The massage feels like it was designed for me! And it always managed to reach the vital spot, effectively relieving the tension and stress built up for the day.

Mr.Lee - As an engineer, I am required to walk around worksites frequently. At the end of the day, I may even have cramps in my tired calves and thighs! The uDivine massage relaxes my calves and thigh muscles, giving me uninterrupted nights of good sleep!

Mr Tan - Being a teacher specializing in Physical Education requires me to work out a lot! The uDivine massage relieves tensed muscles and keeps me energised for the rest of the day.

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Joanne and the delighted party guests cheer for the uDivine!

Watch the party cheers from all the uDivine parties and vote for the best! You may just walk away with an OSIM $500 voucher!

OSIM Throws The Third uDivine Party 天王派对!

It’s the third week of the uDivine parties and we were just getting warmed up! Last Saturday, we threw another uDivine party for our third lucky host – Annie! Our bubbly DJ hosts, Violet Fenying and Leelian from LOVE 97.2FM were there to entertain Annie’s guests, together with MediaCorp artiste Huang Wen Yong.

OSIM uDivine owner, Annie and her husband welcome the cheery duo – Violet Fenying and LeeLian!

Huang Wen Yong arrives, still as suave as ever!

The party guests were in high spirits while exquisite savouries are served.

Celebrity guest, Huang Wen Yong, is the life of the party as he entertained the guests with games and goofy antics.

OSIM gift hampers worth more than $500 each are presented to the lucky guests of the night.

Of course, the star of the party was the OSIM uDivine! The guests could not get enough of it!

Enjoying the comfort only a uDivine massage could provide, Huang Wen Yong almost dozes off! *Tsk tsk*

Mr Koh Chuay Huay – My back muscles are always very stiff but I’m too busy for a massage. Now with uDivine, everyone can enjoy relaxing massages in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

Madam Lily Ang – I’m a big fan of uDivine’s leg massage programme! The warm and human-like massages help my legs feel relaxed.

Mr Ang Lian Seng – I personally like the Senior Massage programme most because it fulfills the needs of the elderly.

When asked to rate the OSIM uDivine天王椅, Huang Wen Yong says, “FULL MARKS for the uDivine 天王椅!”

OSIM uDivine massage chair 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Annie and her party guests cheer for the uDivine!

And that was it! Watch this space for updates on more OSIM uDivine parties!

And the Fun Continues at our 2nd uDivine Party 天王派对 (24 Sept 2011)!

We are happy to hold our second uDivine Party (天王派对) on 24th Sept at uDivine owner Serene Ee’s home!

LOVE 97.2FM DJs Violet Fenying and Wallace were there as the party hosts . The bubbly and lively band – 插班生, also made a special appearance as our celebrity guests!

插班生 arriving at the uDivine Party!

Click below to enjoy the exclusive photos  of our second uDivine Party (天王派对) at Serene’s home!

uDivine owner Serene welcomes 插班生 to her party!

Our guests were treated to a yummy buffet spread!

插班生 serenading the guests with their great live performance!

Our guests relaxing on the OSIM uDivine 天王椅! Looks like they have fallen asleep!

“Thank you OSIM for all the gift hampers!” - Party guest winning a hamper during our uDivine Q&A games!

Everyone is having a blast! Guests making a toast “Cheers to OSIM uDivine!”

插班生 and Serene couldn’t resist posing with our uDivine celebrity endorser - Andy Lau!

Madam Tessie Chua: "It’s so convenient to have uDivine massage chair. Now I can have my massage anytime in the comforts of my home!"

Ms Debbie Koh: "No human hand can possibly match the soothing pleasure of the Airbag Massage Feature. I also love that I can choose my preferred massage points."

Mr Norman Leong: "People think that massages are only for muscle tension relief. After using uDivine, I feel it’s the perfect way to relieve stress and help you relax. Simply awesome!"

OSIM uDivine 天王椅赞赞赞!

Watch Serene and her guests doing their uDivine group cheer here!:

Let the Fun Begin at uDivine Party 天王派对 (17 Sept 2011)!

Ever wanted to throw a party which is fit for a king? On 17th September 2011, our lively uDivine owners Sunny and Felicia did so!

Sunny and Felicia were chosen out of the many entries sent to us by our uDivine owners – in which OSIM will hold an uDivine Party at their home with food & entertainment taken care of by OSIM!

uDivine owners Sunny & Felicia

The party hosts for the day were none other than our awesome LOVE 97.2FM DJs Violet Fenying and Leelian Chua.

DJs greeted warmly by our Mr 'Heavenly' Lau

DJs playing party games with Sunny and his guests

We specially invited our very own king of all chefs – Chef Eric, as our celebrity guest! Chef Eric created a dish specially for this uDivine Party; where he named it “天王代代平安”!

Celebrity Guest, Chef Eric, posing with his blazing new creation “天王代代平安”

Yummy! Our party guests truly enjoyed the dish!

Guests enjoying the delicious “天王代代平安”!

OSIM uDivine was the highlight of the day as many of the guests tried it for their very first time!

Mr Peter Loy: “My wife and I have tried many massage chairs but uDivine is still the best. We give it full marks!”

Mrs Subranam: “DJs Fen Ying and Lee Lian have been raving about the uDivine on air. Now that I’ve tried it, I understand why everyone’s talking about uDivine”

Interactive games and gifts were prepared for the guests!

Chef Eric together with DJs Fen Ying and Lee Lian


OSIM天王椅, 亲朋好友都来赞, 你赞我赞大家赞!

Click below to see the group’s uDivine group cheer:





We will be updating on the next 3 uDivine parties on this blog every week, so do stay tuned for the next uDivine party post!


Read what everyone is talking about!

Dear readers,

Look, uDivine has been featured in iWeekly! Read what our users of uDivine has to say about the heavenly massage chair, proudly endorsed by Andy Lau!

Interview with uSoffa Cushion Cover Contest Winner

Dear blog readers, we bring to you here the winner of the ‘Design your own OSIM uSoffa cushion cover’ contest, Mr Denny Liew. This contest was held earlier and the main focus of the contest was to design your own cushion cover for the OSIM uSoffa.

Let us see what Mr Denny Liew, the contest winner has to say about:

OSIM: Share with us why you want to join this design contest?

Mr Liew: A friend recommended me and thought that I may be interested, as I’m always interested in designing, so I checked this contest out on!

OSIM: Are you in the design/Creative industry?

Mr Liew: No, I’m not. I’ve self taught myself doing designs like this.

OSIM: How long did you take to complete your design entry?

Mr Liew: Around 2-3 hours.

OSIM: Could you explain your artwork to us?

Mr Liew: Going green and recycling blends in our daily lifestyle and hence the design ‘Go green’.

OSIM: Do you own any OSIM products?

Mr Liew: I own uPapa Hug and uZap. I like the uPapa Hug as it gives me the strong massage on my shoulders! I’m still using the uPapa Hug up till now!

OSIM: Lastly what does OSIM means to you?

Mr Liew: OSIM does great health products and the products’ quality makes it the leading health product brand!

Mr Danny Liew, together with his winning design entry and uSoffa Petit prize

“Thank you very much OSIM for the uSoffa Petit! Both my wife and I will definitely enjoy the massage sofa!” – Mr Denny Liew

Ms Xin Hong – Another satisfied OSIM customer

Dear blog readers,

Here’s another instalment of our mini interview series done over the past weeks. In this blog entry, we bring to you our OSIM supporter of 3 years, Ms Xin Hong:

Ms Xin Hong together with her family

Ms Xin Hong owns the OSIM uSqueez Warm, iPamper, iCare 200, iTango, and iBrush. Besides these, she actively recommends OSIM products to her friends and colleagues. She told us that her favourite OSIM product is her uSqueez Warm, as it soothes her tired & aching calves after a long day of work.

Also, she tells us why she supports OSIM, as she told us that “No matter which OSIM outlet you visit, the services of OSIM staff are equally good!”

To watch the full interview, click below:

For more customer interviews like this, be sure to stay tuned to our blog!

OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mdm Tan

Dear blog readers,

Hope you’ve enjoyed watching our customer interview with Mr Mike Shee in our previous blog posting. In this entry, we present to you another interesting interview done recently with Mdm Tan Seok Keng.

Mdm Tan has been supporting OSIM for about 10 years. Her first OSIM purchase was the OSIM Millennium chair back in 2000!

Mdm Tan with her daughter on their favourite OSIM iDesire

“I love OSIM products as they are good, long lasting and are attractive!”

-Mdm Tan Seok Keng

To watch the interview video, click below:

Stay tuned to OSIM blog as we bring you more customers’ interviews like this one!

OSIM 30th Anniversary Testimonial from Mr Mike Shee

Dear blog readers,

We are celebrating OSIM’s 30th Anniversary! As part of our celebration, we’ve gathered some of our valued customers to tell us more on why they have been supporting OSIM all these while.

Our loyal customer, Mr Mike Shee, joins us as we celebrate OSIM’s 30th Anniversary. He shares with us why he has been supporting OSIM for the past 18 years. He was introduced to OSIM by his father in the 1990s and he has been supporting OSIM ever since!

Mr Mike Shee and son, together with their OSIM products!

“I would want to share the good benefits of OSIM products to my family members, loved ones and to all my close friends!”

– Mike Shee

Watch Mr Mike Shee in the video below, as he tells us how OSIM has helped in the overall well-being for his family and himself: 

For more interview videos like this, stay tuned, as we would be uploading more of these interviews with our customers!